Infertility: A Lesson in Patience

“Patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Lida Clarkson

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how very sweet the fruit can be. Patience is perhaps one of life’s most difficult lessons. We can put our lives on hold, waiting for our patience to pay off. We can focus on nothing else but the thing that eludes us, convinced we are having patience.

Perhaps we need a new perspective. Perhaps patience is what God is having with us. Patience while we attempt to take control, determine our destiny–all while nearly driving the proverbial car right off the road. What patience it must take to watch us attempt to effort into being exactly what we want, in the exact way we want it–all the while missing the tremendous blessings that abound in every direction if we would but turn and look.

Recently I have been catching myself so immersed in the supposed practice of patience that I have completely lost sight of what has sprung to life around me. These blessings are not unlike the tulip bulbs that push so hard through the winter snow when they glimpse the arrival of spring. God is pushing these blessings through the hardness of my stubbornness, just waiting for me to look around and see the reds, and purples, and yellows abounding.

Today, I think I will stop long enough to smell the roses (and the tulips). When I release the bitterness of my “patience,” I truly find the sweetness of the fruit.

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