What can you do to nourish yourself in mind, body, and spirit?

Today I am thinking about taking out an ad: “Married, white, female, seeks warm, welcoming place to listen to her heart, or maybe just to take a nap.”

As women we run from place to place, always multi-tasking, always mentally creating and checking off one “to do” list or another. Seldom do we find moments, just for ourselves. And usually when we find such moments, our mind steals them like a thief running through the night, taking us on a mental journey through the never-never land of what we need to do just as soon as we cross this relaxing piece off of our list.

We go and we go, we run and we run. When do we stop?

Perhaps women dealing with fertility issues do more of this endless “going” than most; so many go from one fertility treatment to another, from one drug to another, from one disappointment to another. Our bodies can become like those test tubes we concocted bubbling mixtures in during high school science class. Our minds, straddling obsession with the illusive thing that lies just out of reach, and keeping some sense of normalcy in the face presented to the world.

So, when do we stop? When do we truly press the pause button and nourish our mind, body, and spirit? What if we are like the brightly colored balloon at the helium tank? We take in more and more and more, until one day there’s no more room <pop>.

Maybe today, we all need to take out that ad, or better yet, call out sick, make a cup of tea, declare your entire being in “do not disturb” mode, and take a nap! Sleep well.

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