Just Dance! Little Known Fertility Booster?

“Just dance, gonna be okay…
Just dance, spin that record babe…
Just dance, gonna be okay, dance
Dance, dance, just, just dance”

Today I had lunch plans with a dear friend who has also been dealing with fertility issues. When I reached out to her to confirm details she was waking late after a night out until 2am, something she had not done in years. She closed the bar, drank too much, ate greasy food, and danced her buns off (yes, she even admitted to doing the Robot).

Talking to her got me to wondering. When was the last time I just danced? The last time I stopped being so responsible and grown up.  When was the last time I threw all the strict dietary rules out the window and gave several toasts with adult libations to the fact I wasn’t suppose to be drinking them?

I used to get angry thinking about all those women who got pregnant after drinking too much and being all too ready to be all too uncareful. But today, I say “you go girls!”

Though there is no scientific study to prove it, and no doctor will agree it can help, really what do we have to lose by just plain having some good old fashioned irresponsible fun?

It would not surprise me in the least if my friend soon conceives. You see my friend fed her heart, she fed her soul, and in so doing, she fed her body the best diet possible.

It can be easy to forget that before this all began we were women. Women who sucked up the succulence of life and spit it back out in the form of amazing creations.

Maybe today it’s time to put mechanical means of conception, strict diets, and harsh judgments of ourselves away and just dance! Even if just for today.

Come on now, I know you’re wondering if those skinny jeans still fit. Get to it girls!

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