Infertility: the Supplements, the Drugs, the Herbs, the Reward. What’s the Risk?

How far is too far when it comes to what we put into our bodies in the effort to conceive? What is safe, and what is not? What will work, and at what cost?

It is a travesty the lack of hard data and longitudinal research on fertility drugs, herbs, and supplements. Our doctors/acupuncturists/holistic practitioners assure us that the risks are minimal, but never seem to have a straight answer as to what the risks are, and how those risks may compound with time, and with the addition of other drugs.

It can feel as if we women with fertility challenges are test tubes, and the doctors are the mad scientists mixing to see what will create the beautiful blue line or (+), and what will explode.

The drive to become a mother can be so strong that we may avert our eyes from the flashing yellow light, or look the other way when the crossing guard holds up the “stop” sign.

Recently I began looking into DHEA. As a woman with very high FSH, the world of western medicine has very little to offer me, and basically no evidence to show what drugs may or may not do to my body.

After asking a dear friend, who is a pharmacist, about the supplement I learned DHEA may increase a woman’s chances of both breast and ovarian cancer.

So I began to ask myself, when is the risk worth the reward? How far it too far when it comes to the foreign substances we will consume in an effort to see the dual lines, or the pink (+)?

I have seen statistics of anywhere from 10-20% of women in the U.S. alone face fertility struggles. So why is it that we still know so very little about the risks of the solutions offered to us, and our doctors are only too quick to tell us about the reward?

It’s as if we are the rabbits with this golden carrot dangling out in front of us. We keep chasing that carrot, our doctor’s keep encouraging us with performance enhancing drugs (the Olympics committee would surely ban us from participation), yet when is it time to stop and look behind us for the stick?

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