Fertility Focus Telesummit 2011

Date: March 21-27 2011
Location: Your computer or phone!
Cost to attend: FREE

  • Listen in live to 12 fertility expert presentations, either over the phone or via webcast online.
  • Have the opportunity to have your questions answered by the speakers as you listen.
  • Learn in-depth and groundbreaking fertility solutions from experts from all over the world.
  • Plus listen to 3 wonderful bloggers tell their real life stories, and share their infertility journeys with you.


Dr Marilyn Glenville – Fertility Facts: Using An Integrated Approach To Getting And Staying Pregnant By Combining The Best Of Both Worlds With Conventional And Nutritional Medicine. 
  • No two couples are alike in terms of what may be preventing them from getting pregnant.
  • Why a well-structured plan is needed.
  • How this integrated approach can be used by any couple who want to have a baby, including alongside IVF.
  • Why it is important that you take all the right steps and in the right order to find out what is preventing you from getting or staying pregnant.
  • Marilyn will give a short talk on her integrated approach with couples who are aiming to get pregnant and then open up the session for an extended Q&A session.

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD is the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health. She is the Former President of the Food and Health Forum at The Royal Society of Medicine and patron of the Daisy Network, a premature menopause support group. She works in clinics in London and Tunbridge Wells. Dr Glenville won the Best Nutrition Health Writer of the Year award in 2009 and appears in the 2010 edition of Who’s Who. She is the author of eight internationally best selling books including, ‘Getting Pregnant – Faster’, ‘Natural Solutions To Infertility’, ‘The Natural Health Bible for Women’.  Her website is http://www.marilynglenville.com.


 Listen to Dr Glenville speak LIVE on Monday, March 21 at 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern | 8pm UK time
(the recording will then be available to listen to for 24 hours after.)

Lisa Marsh – Creating An Effective Support Network Can Make All the Difference When Trying to Conceive  
  • Why a support network is so vital when trying to conceive.
  • The 5 most important types of support you need.
  • How getting support elsewhere can help save your marriage.
  • Lining up the members of your “team”.
  • How to handle people who are unsupportive.

There was little focused support for infertility available in 1997 when Lisa Marsh lost her first pregnancy to miscarriage.  It was the beginning of a 7-year period of trials and tribulations as she and husband Brian experienced recurrent miscarriage, secondary infertility, IVF and the natural conception and birth of their two children. Lisa’s advocacy of fertility health awareness and infertility support led her to specialize as a fertility coach, found the North London Miscarriage Support Group and create her Your Great Life fertility blog. Lisa coaches on all fertility challenges and family-building goals from her London-based practice; accessible to clients internationally by telephone.  She is the London Correspondent for the American Fertility Association and a frequent guest on London radio station Hayes FM, speaking on pregnancy and fertility issues in the news. Lisa believes that “quality support is essential every step of the way when trying to overcome infertility, whether from professional or personal sources, because of how it depletes us, physically, mentally and emotionally. Ultimately, you want to have a baby, but life has to be lived in the meantime, so my aim is to get you there as healthily and efficiently as possible. With fertility coaching, my clients find that the positive impact isn’t limited to their fertility issues; it improves their self-awareness, self-belief, decision-making skills and their relationships.” Lisa’s website is http://yourgreatlife.typepad.com

Listen to Lisa speak LIVE on Monday, March 21 at 1pm Pacific | 6pm Eastern | 10pm UK time
(the recording will then be available to listen to for 24 hours after.)

Andrew Loosely – Using Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine to Increase Your IVF Results by Up to 70% 
  • The effectiveness of acupuncture alongside IVF as proven in clinical trials.
  • Is acupuncture safe alongside IVF and how does it work?
  • The effectiveness of using herbal medicine with IVF treatment.
  • How herbal medicine actually works to support IVF treatment.
  • How to use acupuncture and herbal medicine once you have a positive pregnancy result.

For the past 9 years Andrew Loosely has been using Acupuncture and Herbal medicine to help hundreds of couples achieve their dream of having a baby. He has spent many years working with couples going through IVF and has created a unique 7-step programme.  79% of his clients have conceived by using his programme.
He is the fifth generation in my family to use natural medicine and grew up surrounded by this knowledge. He now spends his life applying this to couples that have struggled to have children.  Andrew’s website is http://www.NaturalFertilityExpert.com

Listen to Andrew speak LIVE on Tuesday, March 22 at 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern | 8pm UK time

(the recording will then be available to listen to for 24 hours after.)

Gabriela Rosa – The Natural Fertility Breakthrough: How the 11 Pillars of Fertility Reveal the Secrets to Optimum Health and Fertility for You and Your Future Generations
  • The one thing you must do if you want to change “infertility” -fast.
  • How to prepare your body to ensure you create a truly healthy baby irrespective of your medical history.
  • How the 11 Pillars of Fertility reveal the secrets to optimum health and fertility for your and your future generations – everything you must know to take control of your health and fertility.
  • The secret to having a happy, fulfilling relationship irrespective of the challenges you’ve experience in the past and what may be ahead of you..
  • The secret weapon you must possess to absolutely positively change your life and your fertility journey in the way that matters the most IMMEDIATELY!

Leading natural fertility specialist and naturopath, Gabriela Rosa is the creator of NaturalFertilityBreakthrough.com, a website aimed at empowering couples to reclaim their natural fertility and create truly healthy babies. Gabriela dedicates herself to natural fertility treatment, the management of women’s health issues (from puberty to menopause), and men’s health. She has been featured in various newspaper and magazines and has gained international recognition as an expert in her field through her various works and publications in the area of natural fertility over the last decade.

Gabriela is passionate about sharing her belief that the world can be a better place – one healthier baby at a time. And during her presentation you will find out exactly what you need to do to optimise your fertility, overcome fertility challenges, improve IVF outcomes (if necessary), prevent miscarriages and create the healthy baby of your dreams.

Listen to Gabriela speak LIVE on Tuesday, March 22 at 3pm Pacific | 6pm Eastern | 10pm UK time
(the recording will then be available to listen to for 24 hours after.)

Zita West – Aging Eggs: What You Can Do to Improve Your Chances of Conception 
  • Ovarian Reserve testing and what it means.
  • Lifestyle factors that impact on ovarian aging.
  • Anti-aging programme for your eggs.
  • Mind body visualisation.
  • Complementary therapies that can help.

Fertility and pregnancy expert Zita West is a practicing midwife, acupuncturist and nutritional advisor.  She is the founder of The Zita West Clinic – London’s leading clinic specialising in integrating complementary therapies into mainstream medicine for fertility, IVF support, and pregnancy.  Therapies include nutrition, acupuncture, fertility counselling, hypnotherapy, breathing/relaxation and massage and mind-body programme. Over the years, Zita has seen and helped thousands of couples conceive naturally and through IVF with her unique programme. Her highly experienced multi-disciplinary team has worked closely with leading fertility clinics, gynaecologists and male specialists in the UK, helping thousands of couples to conceive successfully.  Zita West has also developed her own product range for fertility and pregnancy and is the author of seven books. Her latest book ‘Zita West’s Guide to Fertility and Assisted Conception’ was published in March 2010 by Vermilion.  She is a regular contributor to Sunday Times Style and has also made countless appearance on television including ‘GMTV’, and ‘The F Word’, ‘Tonight with Trevor MacDonald’, a regular strand on the ‘Wright Stuff’ called ‘Zita West Baby Clinic’ and aired a documentary about her work in 2007 where she featured in a BBC series ‘Make me a Baby’. Zita’s website is http://www.zitawest.com

Listen to Zita speak LIVE on Wednesday, March 23 at 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern | 8pm UK time

(the recording will then be available to listen to for 24 hours after.)

Sarah Holland – Your Fertile Mindset: How To Prepare Yourself For Conception With EFT 
  • What a fertile mindset is and why it’s essential when trying to conceive.
  • How having the wrong mindset can sabotage your attempts for a baby.
  • How EFT can help you achieve your own fertile mindset.
  • The benefits of using EFT for your fertility.
  • Learn and use EFT with Sarah and experience immediate benefits!

Sarah Holland is a certified EFT practitioner who is passionate about removing the stress from infertility and making the journey towards parenthood positive and joyful. With the use of a groundbreaking technique called EFT she helps people overcome negative emotions and beliefs about their fertility, and identify and remove any possible emotional blocks to having a baby. After going through her own fertility struggles, Sarah is now Mum to a little boy and can empathise with the emotional rollercoaster of infertility. Sarah is the author of the ebook ‘Overcoming Infertility with EFT’ and although based in Hertfordshire in England, works with people all over the world via the telephone. Sarah’s website is http://www.FertileMindset.com

 Listen to Sarah speak LIVE on Wednesday, March 23 at 3pm Pacific | 6pm Eastern | 10pm UK time
(the recording will then be available to listen to for 24 hours after.)

Kristin Hayward – HypnoFertility: How Hypnotherapy Encourages Successful Conception

  • What hypnotherapy is and how it works.
  • The effect of stress levels on fertility.
  • Using hypnotherapy to support fertility treatments.
  • Who can benefit from hypnotherapy?
  • Techniques to use at home and a short guided visualisation.

Kristin is a fully qualified, registered clinical hypnotherapist, specialising in fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. She works with many of London’s leading fertility clinics and uses her own unique and very successful approach to fertility issues, developed during many years of working at the Zita West Clinic. HypnoTherapy is a highly effective way of dealing with the issues women face during their journey to conception, in particular to reduce stress levels and thereby improve the chances of successful conception. Kristin’s website is http://www.kristinhayward.com


 Listen to Kristin speak LIVE on Thursday, March 24 at 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern | 8pm UK time
(the recording will then be available to listen to for 24 hours after.)

Sue Dumais – Solving Your Fertility Puzzle 
  • Discover the answers to common questions women ask when struggling to make sense of their fertility challenges.
  • Learn powerful questions you can ask yourself to help you discover what path to take.
  • Learn some mind body tools and fertility yoga poses that can help you reconnect to your intuition.
  • Learn how you can begin to find the answers you seek as you piece together your unique fertility puzzle.
  • Find meaning on your fertility journey and discover a deep sense of peace and trust.

Sue is a true pioneer in the field of fertility, fitness, yoga and mind body therapy. She is the owner of Family Passages Mind Body Studio in Vancouver, Canada. It is the first studio in Canada to specialize in Fertility Yoga and offer support for women through conception, pregnancy and postpartum. Sue is the author of the Yoga for Fertility Handbook and A Strong Core for Life. Recognizing the need for more fertility support worldwide, Sue developed a Fitness Fertility Specialist Certification course and a Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Program. Her radio show Redefining Fertility is one of the most popular shows hosted on the Women’s Information Network. Sue is a passionate speaker and coach and has a gift of inspiring others to stand in their power and give birth to their dreams. You can learn more at http://www.familypassages.ca

 Listen to Sue speak LIVE on Thursday, March 24 at 3pm Pacific | 6pm Eastern | 10pm UK time
(the recording will then be available to listen to for 24 hours after.)

Nicola Smuts – Using Astrology To Optimize Your Chances Of Success In The Treatment Of Infertility 
  • Quality of time – some times are luckier than others.
  • Everyone is unique, and has a different path to parenthood.
  • Psychological issues worth exploring before treatment.
  • Social conditioning, and how it impacts your fertility.
  • Medical conditions or predispositions in the birth chart

Nicola Smuts is a consulting astrologer, living in the UK.  She has a diploma from Rod Suskin School of Astrology in South Africa, and a medieval diploma from Astrologos in the UK.  Nicola lectures internationally on her fertility work, and her research and methods in this field are pioneering and unique.
Her success in diagnosing fertility issues in charts and finding potentially fertile times to try IVf and other reproductive treatments has been advertised in magazines such as Marie Claire and her work has been featured on national television in South Africa.  Many couples are extremely grateful to her for the valuable, time saving advice and recommendations she is able to provide to maximise the potential for conception.  Her practical knowledge of the process of IVF and other reproductive treatments is extensive, and her own personal experience of infertility makes her a compassionate and caring professional. Nicola’s website is http://www.fertilityastrology.com

Listen to Nicola speak LIVE on Friday, March 25 at 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern | 8pm UK time
(the recording will then be available to listen to for 24 hours after.)

Toni Weschler – Finally Take Control by Charting Your Two Primary Fertility Signs 
  • The main event of every cycle.
  • Common fertility myths.
  • The primary fertility signs.
  • How to time sex to increase chances of conceiving.
  • What steps to take if you don’t get pregnant within 6 months of trying.

Toni Weschler is the author of the groundbreaking bestseller, Taking Charge of Your Fertility and a book on reproductive health for teens entitled Cycle Savvy. She is a dynamic speaker and internationally respected women’s health educator with a master’s degree in Public Health. She is a frequent guest on television, radio, and internet websites. She lives in Seattle, Washington.  Toni’s website is http://www.tcoyf.com


 Listen to Toni speak LIVE on Friday, March 25 at 3pm Pacific | 6pm Eastern | 10pm UK time
(the recording will then be available to listen to for 24 hours after.)

Deirdre Morris – Fertility At 40 Plus with the Law of Attraction 
  • What exactly is the Law of Attraction and how does it relate to fertility.
  • How I attracted 3 miscarriages even though I was working with the Law of Attraction.
  • 3 most common reasons women over 40 are attracting fertility challenges instead of a baby.
  • Why you can experience fertility success regardless of your history, age or diagnosis.
  • 3 top tips you can apply NOW so that the Law of Attraction can bring you your baby.

Formerly a Psychologist now working as a Spiritual Fertility Coach, Deirdre is author of Get Pregnant and Stay Pregnant with the Law of Attraction, Your 5 Step Fertility Success Process which came about as a result of her own challenges with fertility and how she attracted 3 miscarriages until she realized what she needed to change in order to have her babies. Now she is the proud mother of toddler twin girls and specialises in coaching women over 40 into Pregnancy Success with the Law of Attraction. Deirdre’s website is http://www.MagicalBeginningsForBaby.com

Listen to Deirdre speak LIVE on Saturday, March 26 at 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern | 8pm UK time

Cindy Bailey – Eating to Optimize Fertility 
  • Premise (or goal) of a fertility diet.
  • The 8 key foods to eliminate on a fertility diet and why.
  • The 6 key foods to keep or add-in, plus 2 foods to limit – and why.
  • Why male partners should also follow a fertility diet.
  • Tips on building healthy eating into your life.

Cindy Bailey is the author, along with her husband, of the Amazon top-selling book, The Fertile Kitchen® Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Optimizing Your Fertility. As a former athlete, Cindy Bailey has a passion for good health and nutrition, and a commitment to helping others find natural, holistic ways of healing. In addition to giving workshops and talks on Eating to Optimize Fertility, she is a professional member of RESOLVE, the national infertility organization, and is on the Advisory Board for the International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals (IABPP). Her and her husband’s fertility story has aired nationally on NBC and CBS. Cindy’s website is http://www.fertilekitchen.com

Listen to Cindy speak LIVE on Saturday, March 26 at 3pm Pacific | 6pm Eastern | 10pm UK time

(the recording will then be available to listen to for 24 hours after.)

The telesummit concludes with 3 wonderful bloggers,
who share their real life fertility stories with you. 
Katie – From IF To When
Katie is the author of From IF to When, a blog she began over two years ago to document her and her husband’s journey to conceive. Three months after she began blogging, doctors told Katie she was infertile. She and her husband are now on the path toward domestic adoption after four failed IUIs. For this former English major and book editor, writing was – and still is – her therapy. Katie’s blog can be found at http://www.fromiftowhen.com 

Listen to the interview with Katie for 24 hours from Sunday, March 27 at 4am Pacific | 7am Eastern | 12pm UK time

Elphaba – Yolk: A blog about eggs and sperm
Thirty-two-year-old Elphaba (aka Runny Yolk) has been trying to make babies with her husband Mr. M for close to two years. Throughout it all she tries to keep her sense of humour even when it seems Mother Nature is behaving like a complete pill.  Sometimes not for the faint of heart, she hopes revealing every intimate detail of her uterus will help others realize they aren’t alone. Elphaba’s blog can be found at http://eggsandsperm.com 

Listen to the interview with Elphaba for 24 hours from Sunday, March 27 at 5am Pacific | 8am Eastern | 1pm UK time

Heather – Survive and Thrive
Throughout her life, for some inexplicable reason, Heather Step has been drawn to working with children and spends her days teaching Grade Ones and also volunteers as a play therapist. It is therefore highly ironic that she has, for the past five years, been unable to conceive. Blogging (surviveandthrive.co.za) has become a great way to de-stress and unburden herself with the difficulties of unexplained infertility. She also has been using EFT to tap her troubles away and has created a website with many healing resources – healwithheather.com.
Listen to the interview with Heather for 24 hours from Sunday, March 27 at 6am Pacific | 9am Eastern | 2pm UK time 

For more information and to register visit: www.fertilityfocustelesummit.com


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