Husbands & Infertility: What’s a Guy to Expect When She’s Not Expecting?

Today, while still on vacation (regular blogs will resume next week), I share a resource for husbands. It can be hard for partners of women facing fertility challenges to know how to support the women they love, to understand how the onslaught of hormone can affect us, and to truly grasp, as Marc Sedaka explains it, the need for women to have children.

You are our partners on this journey and although our words and actions may not always tell you so, having you by our side is the most important thing of all.

NBC TODAY Show: What He Can Expect When She’s Not Expecting

The 10 things not to say to your fertility-challenged wife:

1. That’s OK. I didn’t want you to get fat anyway.
2. No more condoms? Cool!
3. Can’t we just invest all that money in a flat screen instead?
4. Yes, but these doctors have yet to see my Super Sperm!
5. So if your sister carries it, does that mean I can finally sleep with her?
6. I don’t even want kids.
7. Hey, did I tell you my ex-girlfriend’s pregnant?
8. I discussed it with my mother, and she thinks …
9. Don’t worry. You’re still relatively young.
10. But it’s not my fault, right?

To order the book click below:
What He Can Expect When She’s Not Expecting: How to Support Your Wife, Save Your Marriage, and Conquer Infertility!


  1. The fault comment is a huge no no!!! 🙂

  2. […] while Marc Sedaka offered “Ten Things Not to Say to your Fertility Challenged Wife,” I offer “Five Things Husbands Need to Know” while on the fertility journey with […]

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