Infertility: The One Time When Taking Your Eye off the Ball Can Work

Growing up I heard the old adage “keep your eye on the ball” more times than I could count. The saying also reminds me of the scene in The Runaway Bride where Julia Roberts  on her wedding day is being coached by her soon to be husband to focus, eye on the ball. Well if you saw the movie you will likely remember that she ran fast as the wind right on out of there.

But what if Julia was rightly looking away from the proverbial ball? What if that ball was simply a moving target that she ran until she hit?

How many times, this I personally truly could never count, have we women struggling with fertility heard stories of women conceiving naturally right after they adopt, or soon after having success with a gestational carrier? Did these women take their eye off the ball, and then wabam, it nailed them right in the uterus? Is infertility the one time when taking our eye off the ball leads to our slam dunk?

This theory is one most of us are reticent to test. To feel we have to let go of control, let go of all our efforts to bring into being a new life, can truly be terrifying. Even so, sometimes we just can’t help but wonder, what would happen if we looked the other way?


  1. My wife watched everyone including the dog get pregnant when we went through our five year journey. I think it is like the theory of being blind but your other senses grow stronger. We could not get pregnant and it seemed to make it easier for other?

  2. This is exactly an issue I must do more research into, many thanks for the publish.

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