Infertile in a World of Annoying Mama Marketers: Dear Everyone, Please Take me Off Your Mailing List

“Want to know the moment that started the Pleasure Revolution?

Giving birth to my daughter, Maggie. Having a baby was one of the most fun, ecstatic, exciting, empowering moments of my life.”

OK really, gee, thanks SO much for letting me know via a mass marketing email directly into my “inbox.”

Some days I would like to put a spam filter on my email that queries for anything related to pregnancy, birth, motherhood, or the “most fun, ecstatic, exciting, and empowering moments” of life ushered in by the birth of a child.

Being infertile in a world that celebrates, honors, and shoves the glow of motherhood in the face of every possible passer-by can at times be difficult.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a supporter of Mama Gena and the wonderful work she does in this world–encouraging women to follow their passion, desire, and joy in life. In fact, I think that women struggling with fertility could perhaps benefit most from her message of diving into the succulence of life, living fully, and finding our joy.

Yet, today I would simply like to be removed from her mailing list.

I am hormonal (what’s new), exhausted, cranky, and quite annoyed by this reminder that the most momentous and life changing experience we can have as women (or so all the mass marketers tell us) may forever remain out of my grasp.

Today I would like to send a mass marketing email saying one thing, “Dear Everyone, Please take me off your annoying mama marketing mailing lists. Thank you.”


  1. Your post made me cry as I thought the same exact thing about motherhood remaining out of my grasp. Some days it just feels so unfair and the anger is overwhelming! Am I not good enough of a person to be fortunate enough experience this? What did I do to deserve this? That’s how I feel right now. Sorry, didn’t mean to spew angry thoughts all over your blog.

  2. Angry and sad thoughts welcome–bring em on in! I started the week having my own little pity party and I’m ending ready to mass spam the world to stop sending out emails talking about the unexplainable joy of motherhood. I hear ya, I understand, and I say have a good cry, break a few dishes, and feel what’s inevitable to feel. Tomorrow’s a new day, we can start over then.

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