For Lisa on Becoming an Aunt (again): Jumping into the Rich Vat of Dark Chocolate

Photo by Liz Lazarus

Today my blog is dedicated to Lisa, who is soon to be (or may have already become) an aunt to her sister-in-law’s second baby.

I will be following in your footsteps imminently as my future niece (niece/nephew # 10 in my husband’s family) comes into the world in June. In fact, this coming weekend is my sister-in-law’s baby shower, which I have been dreading for about a month now.

At first I thought perhaps I should write a blog about the woes of being the infertile girl at the fertile girl’s celebration, however when I sat down to write, that’s not what came to me.

Instead, today I am wondering what the world would become if the society of infertile sister-in-laws all came together and celebrated our classy fabulousness.

What if instead of dreading the baby shower, or dodging the “the baby has arrived” jubilant phone call, we dove straight into these experiences like a vat of dark chocolate?

What if we pulled out our classiest beret, donned our most expensive make-up (that truthfully makes us look like a fashion model), went to the salon to get our hair done, and hauled out from the back of the closet the outfit that when we put it on, makes us exude “Bond girl” energy?

What if we were able to love and celebrate ourselves to such an extent that rather than becoming lost in the sea of other, we were afloat on the raft of ourselves?

The arrival of a soft and cuddly baby is sure to bring some pangs within our heart, which is inevitable. Yet we can choose to feed those pangs, to love ourselves less and become jealous of another more; or we can choose to kiss her pink cheeks with our ruby red lips and vow to teach her all the juiciest things about life (behind her parents backs 🙂

You see, the choice is ours.

This new life just beginning is oozing with love, oozing with eagerness, oozing with need for us to show up as the succulent, fully alive, vivacious women we are.

So what if, just maybe, we were able to show up in our Sunday best for these babies. For we may very well be an important piece of their life puzzle–the one aunt who loves them most, spoils them best, and plays with them with wild abandon until they break into screaming giggles of delight.

What if we sank into the decadent chocolate vat of joy rather than the dark muck of despair?

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