Trying to Conceive? Do the Thing That Makes You Pee Your Pants Happy

OK so perhaps that wasn’t the most eloquent blog title, yet it’s the image I can not seem to get out of my mind.

You know when you’re so happy, so giddy, so filled with complete belly rolling laughter that if you didn’t cross your legs while trying to run to the bathroom you’d have a serious problem? I’m talking about the deepest most full body jovial laughing, to such an extent that you are about to explode.

That feeling is the one I’m looking for. Yep, just like this one I had at my third birthday party.

Today I am wondering how often we live our lives this way? How often do we do things that bring us such an explosion of full-body jubilant chuckles?

When I was a little girl I loved words, loved to write. I would hide away in my room and write little mini-books. I never ever shared them with anyone, I hid them away, and I hid my joy away; which kinda feels like this (although this is my absolute favorite all-time picture of my hubby)

Lately I have been wondering what all these “stuck” joys in my life would unleash if I pulled the covers off and gave them full reign to run a muck.

What would happen if I conceived and gave birth to my deepest joys, passions, and desires? Would I find myself so giddy I would have to remain seated in a cross-legged position to save myself from embarrassment?

What if I stopped living for all of the “shoulds” and “need to’s” and started living from a pee my pants happy place? What more might I conceive?

Terrifying though the thought may be. I suppose at the end of the day all I really have to lose is a dry pair of pants and the unearthing of stories that have always wanted to be told.

My birthday wish for today, the day I start my 36th year, is that we all conceive a piece of ourselves that makes us pee our pants happy.


  1. Loved this post. I wish the best for you and your fam.

    – Michael

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Thank you for such a wonderful post. I hope that we all can achieve that as well.

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