Because Sometimes, a Girl’s Gotta Have Chocolate, Just Not Every Day

An interesting random tid bit for today when I am REALLY wanting a chocolate bar, and not wanting to think at all about anything to do with fertility.

I mean really, what can’t a piece of chocolate make better? Key word being “piece.”

Yes today it will be my occassional treat, and this article will keep me from eating the entire bar.

Health Tip from Dr Marilyn Glenville’s Health Digest ‘Natural News for Women’ (

Spot the Problem!

Cocoa solids and pure chocolate (the quality 75 and 80 per cent cocoa type) will not cause spots but cheap, mass-produced chocolate bars that are packed with sugar, whey, sweeteners, additives, and preservatives, however, can produce a break-out of blemishes.  In other words, it is not the cocoa that causes an outbreak but the other ingredients that go into making a chocolate bar.  Sugar places a huge burden on your liver and if you eat too much this can cause problems with your complexion because when the liver can’t cope with an excess of toxins in your blood, your body will push waste products out through your skin, blocking the pores of the epidermis in the process and making you more prone to spots.  Reduce chocolate to only an occasional treat and not eat it every day because it can cause fluctuations in blood sugar.

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