Finding Joy on the Fertility Journey: What Kate Middleton & Prince William Can teach us

I believe that one would need to live under some sort of enormous rock to not be aware that today Prince William and Kate Middleton said “I do.” What is it that has virtually the entire world captivated by these nuptials?

Could it be that in this world where the news lines so often, really every day, barrage us with one tragedy after another, one crashing economy after another, one natural disaster after another, and one accusation of lies after another, that we are hungry for something more?

We live in a world seemingly obsessed with “what’s wrong,” “what’s broken,” “what isn’t working,” “what we need to fear for today, and tomorrow,” basically a never-ending tale of doom and gloom.

Yet inside each of us, I believe, there is an innate longing for joy, for happiness, for some darn good news every now and again. Kate and William gave us that today.

For one day we could focus on a love story spanning nearly ten years; one that survived ups and downs, partings and reconnections. For one day we could fuss over the gorgeous gown, and the gorgeous girl. Over a fairytale story we were read before bedtime, playing out with a “commoner” just like us.

And for those of us who may find ourselves trapped in the “doom of gloom” of the ominous label of “infertility,” William and Kate can teach us that magic happens, that the world is full of joy–every second of every day–if we only but turn to that channel, rather than the others. They remind us what pure, unadulterated happiness looks like on the face of beginnings.

Every day is a new day. Every day we have the choice to turn our internal channel to the station reporting the doom and gloom of cycles that don’t unfold the way they’re “supposed” to, or failed attempts at IVF, or we can turn over to the Wedding Channel and revel in the beauty of life, just simply life.

So today I smile watching Kate smile, and I laugh watching her laugh. Yes, there is joy, and she is a beautiful reminder of it.

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