But I’m not Good Enough: Doubt, the Fertility Faux Pas

 I am not good enough.

I am not smart enough.

I am not pretty enough.

I am not capable enough.

I am just plain not enough!

How many times have any of these thoughts frantically raced through your head? How many times have you doubted yourself, your magnificence, your ability to make an impact on this world like no other?

Sure, challenges with fertility can damage our self-esteem; actually can feel like a hole has been shot straight through it. However, weren’t there already some cracks there to begin with?

Even before this journey started, didn’t you catch yourself passing a mirror with some thought of disapproval flying through your head: “ugh, awful hair,” “yuck, thunder thighs,” “nice North Star there on your forehead.”

One of my favorite stories about a friends niece was the day she took her shopping (her niece was all of about five) and her niece pulled her over to a full-length mirror, pointed at her little five-year-old self and said, with wide-eyed enthusiasm, “look, pretty!” I cannot help but wonder when was the last time  most of us even thought that.

It is easy to beat ourselves up, to hold disdain for the image we see in the mirror, or perhaps even more acutely, for the failings of our body. Yet, what if this doubt is a fertility faux pas?

Perhaps it is time that we started telling ourselves just how “good enough” we truly are. What if we stopped in that mirror and said “look, pretty” over and over again until we started to believe it?

Because we are beautiful, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Your body is an amazing wonderland of capabilities. Perhaps it is time that we all started loving it more and lashing out at it less.

Look, pretty!

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