Holy sh*t – my FSH came back at 6.2 (it was 50 a year ago)

 Well, that pretty much says it all. It was 6.2 – the doctor was literally giddy and speechless at that same time.

And what was that again doc? Did you say that acupuncture, herbs, diet change, stress reduction, none of that will make a difference? What was the “myth” about stress that I got blasted about on the “support” forum today?

Uh huh, really, those things don’t impact fertility and can’t help?

And funny enough, I think I am most grateful to the doctor who first called me, after meeting me for five minutes that day, to tell me that I would never conceive, that I was basically in menopause, and that my only options were egg donor or adoption.


Because of him I blazed my own path, steered completely clear of drugs which would have increased my FSH level and thrown my body out of whack to an even greater extent, and moved much more quickly to a place of ease and acceptance.

I do not know how my child/children will come to me. I will be happy if they come through my heart or my body, truly I will, I only care that they arrive safely. 

Tonight however, I am most happy that I listened to my body, and that I believed there are ways to heal imbalance that many doctors never even consider, or tell us about.

And mostly I revel in the fact that now what I knew in my gut can be told via a western medical test result. Perhaps the “credibility” this provides will convince more women to explore the option of healing the underlying cause, rather than suppressing the symptoms.

* Important Note: Please know that I do not hold any judgments about women who pursue fertility drugs and procedures. Each and every woman has their own path to follow, and what works for one does not always work for another. This post is only about what worked for me. I fully support every one of you out there in taking whatever path your gut is leading you down, only YOU know what is right for you!


  1. melinda · · Reply

    WOW…..great news……I hope we both win this infertility fight!!!!!

    1. Thank you SO much for sharing in my joy. There is no doubt in my mind that we wil both be mothers. We will thrive through this challenge. So glad to have so many wonderful women joining me in beating this.

  2. That is amazing! I am so glad you blazed your own path! You are an inspiration. I know you will be an amazing mother.

  3. Thanks so much Dacia. And so my friend, will you!

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