Drowning in the Infertility Pond: The Golden Secret to Shifting Out of Suffering

An excerpt from an email post I get that I thought was worth re-posting while I am enjoying the big Montana sky.

The Golden Secret to Shifting Out of Suffering     
By Jafree Ozwald  

As the grand master law states, whatever you focus your attention on is what grows and manifests into your life. This means no matter what you hold your focus on, it becomes magically magnetized into the field of energy around you, and will soon manifest into physical form. This is why it is soooo crucial to learn how to meditate and stop your mind in its tracks.  When you can keep your attention fixed on what you want, you can instantly stop investing your time in thinking about what you don’t want, and remain focused on what you do want.

The most profound life shift that you can imagine starts the moment you have the awareness to remain focused on the positive thoughts you most want to have 24 hours a day.  By being intimately aware of every thought you’re thinking and each feeling that you are feeling, you can keep your mind from wandering down those undesirable territories of fear, lack and laziness. Keeping your mind focused only on what you want in life can be very tricky, unless you have deeply trained your mind to remain centered in pure awareness itself.  The thoughts you’re thinking simply pass through the mind, yet you sit back as the witnesser, resting within as the untainted watcher.

Most minds are constantly filled with desires of all forms and subtleties. When the mind is always focused on wanting something, it makes you unable to spend time enjoying life, feeling grateful, and being at peace with what is.  Living in a constant desire mode, the mind and body get caught in imagining you are “needy” and lacking something in life.  Whenever you believe that through fulfilling any desire that your life will become better, it causes you to remain trapped in a perpetual whirlpool of subtle desperation.  That which is unreal seems to be real, and you end up living in a dream world that can never find Reality.  This is because the ego is never satisfied, and can never ever discover the feeling of being totally fulfilled even moments after a desire manifests.  The ego just keeps chasing the dream, until one day it tires and realizes that the only reality is. . .[now]…. 

Anytime you are in a safe quiet space try holding your breath in a way that is not forceful or exerting stress on your body.  It will slowly quiet the mind chatter and instantly bring you into a state of meditation. You don’t have to try to control the mind or force it to be quiet or still.  The stopped breath will simply pull you back into a state of witnessing, and return you to look at life from the sweet source from where all thoughts arise from.  This is the key from where you can shift out of any state of suffering and step immediately into a light, loving or successful feeling. 

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