Infertility and the Ticking Clock: As Sands through the Hour Glass, So are the Days of our Lives

“Lost time was like a run in a stocking. It always got worse.”

― Anne Morrow Lindbergh

In my younger teen years I used to like to spend time during my lazy summer days watching “Days of our Live” soap opera. I know, pretty bad, yet I was hooked.

Today I find myself wondering how many hours, how many days of our lives have passed by finding us somewhere other than living fully in them? How many grains of sand have fallen through our hour glasses to the other side, never to be retrieved again?

Perhaps it is time to take ahold of each precious grain and live fully into its slipping through that very small opening which is today.

When faced with infertility, never before have we experienced the “ticking clock” more than we do right now. Yet, perhaps it is time to see that ticking clock just a bit differently.

One day we will each be mothers, in whatever way that is to come to pass. I promise you this. Let go of the “how” and live into the “wow.” Live into every second of this precious time you have left JUST FOR YOU!

Last night my husband and I spontaneously went out to dinner at a favorite local restaurant without a worry or care in the world about a tired, cranky baby or the need for a sitter.

We came home and I went right back out the door into the heat and humidity with our two dogs and walked for over an hour into the dark of night, without a care in the world about anyone’s bed time or bath time, or the need to breastfeed.

And this morning, after sleeping peacefully through the entire night, I awoke to a simply glorious new day. My eyes opened at the time my body wanted to wake and to the chirping of birds and lull of the wind–no baby screams within earshot.

Each and every passing day there are these precious moments we take for granted. There truly is a ticking of the clock, yet it is not the biological one people scare us into obsessing over.

The clock ticks each second away into a place we can never get back to again.

So today, take some time to cherish every precious grain of sand as it falls. Take time to celebrate your life just as it is now, and all the freedom and bounty that comes from its perfection.

For soon there will be the little pitter patter of feet and your life will never, ever, ever be the same. Because as sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.


  1. Excellent post. I started watching Days of Our Lives years ago and still love the hourglass at the beginning of the show. It always reminds me of how precious each moment is, just like each grain of sand passing through the hourglass. Appreciating each moment for what it is is a gift.

    1. Thanks Sarah, I’m glad I’m not the only Days of Our Lives fan 🙂 And yes, I couldn’t agree more; every single moment is such a gift.

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