A Fertile Mindset: Abundance Comes from a Full Cup

Tomorrow I will start a series of posts attempting to capture the steps I have taken in healing my body–specifically the approach that led me from an FSH of 50 to an FSH of 6.2.

Today however, simply because it is what seems to have wandered into my mind and stayed to visit awhile, I want to talk about abundance.

While lying on the acupuncture table in the half-awake meditative bliss those needles always usher in, it suddenly came to me that abundance flows from an already full cup.

Though this concept may seem a bit strange and counterintuitive, stop and take a moment to let it simmer.

How many times have you been in the high of happiness only to find yourself stumbling upon more and more reasons to be happy? And conversely, how many times have you found yourself wallowing in darkness only to be greeted by more?

Abundance comes from a full cup of gratitude. Ever notice how people respond to you when you are radiating happiness and contentment? I mean oozing the stuff like a toothpaste tube driven over by a jeep?

When you are feeling full of love, full of life, full of gratitude, that gratitude creates the perfect space for more reasons to feel it. Yes, abundance comes from a full cup.

So today if you are looking at your life as a glass half full, waiting for a child to fill it up, perhaps it is time to move your glass into a different light.

Abundance comes from a full cup. What can you do to fill your cup today, and in so doing make just the perfect space for a bundle of abundance on top?

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