Healing Fertility Series: Step One, Chart Your Own Path, be Your Own Heroine

“Woman, heal thyself”

 Over the next few weeks I will share with you the path I took leading me toward healing my body.

In 2009 I was diagnosed as perimenopause with no hope of conceiving a child naturally (at the age of 34). My FSH was 50.

Today I am 36 and my FSH is 6.2. And quite to the contrary, my OBGYN is encouraging me to conceive.

My story is only my own. If I have learned one thing on this journey, it is that the key to regaining health is one that only we hold. We must chart our own path by listening to the wisdom of our body, and to the whisperings of our intuition.

Therefore I encourage you to take what feels right, what fits, and to leave the rest.

No one person out there, despite their degrees, credentials, or success rate, can tell you where your healing lies–though many will try to convince you they can. I have no doubt that if I had followed the urgings of some of my doctors, today my FSH would be higher, and my body in a greater state of imbalance.

So as step one in this series, for the heroine in your story, I encourage you to look in the mirror. Every heroine looks different. Each one is unique. Yet the way to find them is all the same–stop and look within.

As you step into your own power, your own knowing, you may find a fear monster lingering. Here’s how mine found me.

“Fear is the monster that growls at my door; eyes darting, claws scratching, eager to devour me each time I reach for the doorknob of my destiny.”

This fear is normal, greet it with a smile, acknowledge it, and then keep going.

It can feel safer, easier, more secure to allow others to tell you what steps you should take to heal yourself. This feeling however is a false sense of security. I encourage you to stop projecting your wisdom onto others and to start listening to the way your body is speaking uniquely to you.

One way to start this shift is to create a mantra, a saying, a touch point, on which you will focus as you move down your path to healing. For example, here is mine:

“…If I had a daughter
I would carry her with me
In every breath of every moment
I’d wake with her name on my lips
I’d go to bed with her dreams in my heart
If I had a daughter”

– By, Terri Hendrix, THE SPIRITUAL KIND

The entirety of this poem by Terri Hendrix sits in front of me on my desk, I see it every day. As I have moved through even the darkest of times on this journey, I have always returned to these words. Yet in my head I change them just a bit: “When I have a daughter….” you see I have carried my future child with me every step along the way, and I have no doubt that one day she will arrive.

So today, perhaps take some time to find your mantra. What is the touch point that you use to bring you back to yourself, and to what matters most on this arduous climb?

You are the heroine of this story. What will be the words you hold closest to your heart as you don your cape and take to the skies to play the role of your own personal super hero?

I would love to be inspired by those who would like to share their mantra!

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