Healing Fertility Series: Step Two, Make Note of the Noteworthy

Woman, Know Thyself

There are two books I would recommend when commencing on the journey to heal your body and make it a haven for the baby you so desire. Those books are:

The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies

Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility

I recommend these two books for several reasons. First, most of us are fairly well schooled on the western medical approach to infertility–the tests, the medications, more tests, etc. However, many may be very out of touch with the cycles of their own body because of that familiarity.

Have you experienced a physician asking you for your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Chart? Or one who wants to know if you are having digestion issues, if you wake up during the night often, if your hands and feet are cold?

The western medical world is very capable at providing solutions to alleviate symptoms. However, most doctors do not delve deeply into the whole of the body to understand, and treat, the root cause. It has always astonished me that a Reproductive Endocrinologist would not want to see a woman’s BBT chart–the markings of her hormonal balance and/or imbalance.

One way to begin to empower yourself is to first become knowledgeable about the cycle of a woman’s body, and the common causes for imbalance. The two books I recommend will make you familiar with both.

Once you have that basic understanding, you can then arm yourself with knowledge about how your cycle works, where your temperature is not aligned with a healthy cycle, what foods may bother you, just how much water you are actually consuming, and what types of exercise energize you and which leave you feeling depleted.

In order to begin healing our bodies, we must first learn to listen to them. This listening takes time and patience. Give yourself a solid month to learn how your body is speaking.

You can start today by creating a daily journal. In that journal record your BBT (see either of the two books to learn how to do this if you are unfamiliar), what you eat, how you feel, your sex drive, when you use cleaning products (and what they are), what and how much you are exercising, basically everything you notice when you start tuning in to your body. Notice what’s happening when you feel good, and also what’s happening when you don’t.

Likely if you take your journal to your doctor, or even your BBT chart for that matter, they will not be interested. However, this journal is for you. It is a way for you to start understanding what is happening in your body. Importantly, this journal will also help you if/when you seek support from a Chinese acupuncturist or other eastern medical professional.

We cannot know if our bodies are healing if we do not know how our bodies are hurting.

I am a Type A person, in the process of learning to embrace my Type B. So once I started keeping my journal I wrote EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING down. Needless to say I was a bit miffed when every doctor I saw could care less, and most wouldn’t even listen to what I was learning about what was going on with me. However, this knowledge gave me the power to keep pushing, and to find the path that would work for me.

Here is how my journal helped me to heal.

When I was first diagnosed I had terrible digestive issues. This is something I had never ever in my entire life experienced. In my obsessive journaling I couldn’t relate it to any one thing–not a food I was eating, or drinking alcohol, or stress, nothing.

As a side note, when I moved into my house we had mold issues–I was finding it everywhere. I thought however that we had gotten it all out. Yet, there was this smell, that my husband couldn’t smell, that made me feel sick every time I smelled it. I know duh, yet when I was so busy I didn’t stop long enough to think about it and I had searched high and low and found no mold.

One weekend I finally went out of town. Because of my journaling I later realized that those two days I was out of the house, I didn’t have any digestive issues.

It sounds clear as day now, however it still took me a few more weeks to finally recognized that the problem was in my house, I still had mold. I found the source of it (the smell was on a dresser–even though I couldn’t see mold), got rid of it, and the digestive issues went away.

All of my cycle woes started when I moved into that house. I am still convinced that the toxins/mold I was exposed to in the house have played a role in my body’s dis-ease. Later in the series I will elaborate on other “ah ha” moments I had because I trusted my “gut” intution about the house.

So what does your body have to say to you today? Perhaps it’s time to stop and listen.

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