Living in the Fertile “Now” Leads to the Fertile Future you Desire

Though this message may be a little “out there” for some, the heart of the message is powerful. “By allowing your mind to remain addicted and attached to longing for desires, you’re simply thinking about what you don’t have, and manifest more lack and not having.”

Learn to find all you need in this very moment, while continuing to step forward into the future you desire, and that future will become your present.

You Have Already Arrived 
Written by Jafree Ozwald 

Would you like to know how to always be satisfied with your life?  Most people have spent lifetimes seeking, yearning, and hoping for that special “something” to show up before they can relax, be at peace, feel loved, abundant, or truly happy.  The mind gets addicted to the search for that bigger or better thing that will make life perfect. It becomes a desiring machine that only knows three things…wanting, wanting, and more wanting.  It has completely forgotten that there is a deeper space beneath the mind that can stop seeking and really be satisfied. 

If you’ve become wrapped up in the mind, you’ll find your life is constantly in a state of desire.  It may be longing for that ultimate love, income, perfect relationship, overflowing bank account, or your ideal super fit body.  Whatever the mind has become committed to achieving, once you reach it, you’ll see the mind starts wanting something else very soon.  It feeds off the fuel of desires, instead of relying on that which will bring you instant bliss and deep satisfaction.

The energy of desire is not a bad thing.  It just creates a false sensation of lack within.  The desire to pay your bills and feed your family might be something healthy which gets you out of the house to greet the world each morning.  Yet, if desire has become the main carrot that drives your entire life purpose and mission, it is blinding your real life mission and why you are truly here. 

My advice for you is not to try stopping the desires forming in your mind, which would be counterproductive to life.  I simply invite you to take one small step back from your mind, and watch it very closely.  Notice what your deepest desire is really all about.  What is the greatest experience you are after in your life, and is it possible you can create a feeling of arriving there on the inside?  It might be something you can give yourself instantly, instead of running for years after that carrot on the stick.  Who is in charge of the relationship you have with your mind?  Notice that you are the master and

“Outwardness of the mind is suffering…inwardness is happiness.”
~Ramana Maharshi  

I invite you to try on something very radical today.  Perhaps the most radical and challenging experiment you’ll do in your entire life.  Just for 24 hours, step back one inch from this desiring mind.   Call off the horizontal search and start living in a vertical reality.  This means fully being present to the moment, watching each of your desires rise and fall away.  Just for one day, stop the addiction to the physical world, and rest in your spiritual essence.  Be present to that energy, consciousness and soul of which you truly are.

It’s ironic, yet when you energetically release your attachment to fulfilling your desires, somehow and someway your desires magically manifest for you.  When you relax your tight clenched fist on what you really want, simply becomes a receptive open palm.  Whatever you want in life wants you.  The moment you relax into your true nature and step away from the spinning wheels in your head, you begin to become the powerful manifesting magnet you really are.

You cannot escape from the gravity of Universal Laws, and the #1 law is that whatever you place your attention on is what you manifest.  By allow your mind to remain addicted and attached to longing for desires, you’re simply thinking about what you don’t have, and manifest more lack and not having.  When you relax and focus on your spiritual nature, that which permanently satisfies your soul, you become a super magnet and start manifesting all of your desires instantly.  By simply resting in the simple soft sweet essence of your being, you open ten thousand doors that will all take you home.

“There’s no way to freedom.  A ‘way’ means you have to start from somewhere and arrive somewhere.  This is the deception of the mind.  You don’t have to go anywhere to find freedom.  Forget about finding your way, you are already That which you are seeking.” 

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