Infertility Changes You, it’s up to you whether that Change is for Better or Worse

“Nothing passes. Everything stays with you. Everything makes it’s mark.”

― Shelagh Delaney

Our lives are like photo albums, collecting pictures with each passing day. We make scribbled notes in the margins capturing our hurts, our joys, and our dreams–those fulfilled and those filed away forever forgotten.

Experiencing challenges with fertility changes our story, changes the photographs inside the leather bound album we cherish. Yet what those pictures look like, and the captions we write beneath them, are up to us.

As human beings we all have longings, desires, unfulfilled promises, and struggles that challenge us to our core. As women facing infertility, those longings reach us in our tender most underbellies, the very biology of our being.

Some days our photographs will contain smiles and laughter, yet others they will inevitably hold tears and disappointment. How many pages are filled with each is at the sole discretion of the scrapbook designer, each of us.

Make the most of the pictures you take today. Cherish the beauty of the sunrise, and snap a memory of the waking smile of your husband.

As time goes by these images will begin to fade, and one day all we have left are the dog-eared photographs, which captured moments seemingly so mundane at the time.

“Nothing passes. Everything stays with you. Everything makes it’s mark.” It’s up to you what mark it makes.

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