New Beginnings: The Infertile Girl at Mother Nature’s Baby Shower

This time of year brings new beginnings around every corner. New life emerges right before our very eyes, sometimes on a daily basis.

In a few weeks my future niece will arrive, then days after her the daughter of a close cousin. These human arrivals usher in a multitude of feelings for an infertile girl.

Along with these new beginnings, recently a baby fox crossed my path–so cute, so new, and so fresh. And only days ago a robin finally completed nest building on a lamp on the back of our home, and now sits perched on her future offspring.

Daily I am watching my tomatoes and peppers bloom, then tiny fruits appear. Even my green beans are climbing the vine with furry, ready to spring forth new growth.

Spring and summer are the seasons of babies, Mother Nature’s time to regenerate, to renew, to bring life forth. Yet, what does this mean for those of us who have tried and failed to bring forth such life from our bodies, from our hearts?

For us it may mean that today is another day, today is a new day, today is a day to feed new life all around us, to soak it in, to revel in it, to be touched by it.

At times there will be pangs, sometimes deep pangs, feeling like the barren girl at Mother Nature’s baby shower. It is ok to feel those pangs, allow them to come for a visit, and then allow them to fly away.

Let this spring and summer be a time of personal rebirth, of pesonal renewal.

As the lazy summer days encompass you, and new life springs up around every corner, take time to bring life back into yourself.

Swing in a hammock, read a book, get your hair cut, go for a long hike in the quiet mountains, talk to a friend by the lake for hours, sleep in late, get a little frisky with your partner–for no good reason at all, re-birth yourself. Get back to the joy-filled, whole, happy woman you once were.

Your time will come, I promise it will come. And until it does, use this spring and summer time to give birth to a new, refreshed version of you–one who puts her health, nurturing, care, and happiness first and foremost.


  1. Hi,

    I have been reading your blog for a while now and just want to say thank you! Thank you for sharing and doing this blog. As a infertile little girl blogs like yours helps in so many ways it is almost unbelievable

    Thank you

    1. Thank you for coming here and for sharing in this journey. It is a true treasure to have women like you here with me. All the best to you on your journey to motherhood.

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