Healing Infertility Series: Step Six, How to Heal Infertility by Listening to your Intuition

In our modern world, moving at a relentlessly fast past, it is easy to become disconnected from our intuition. Sometimes we even forget just what intuition is.

Intuition is that little “voice” in your gut that pushes you one direction or another. It is the tug you feel to do, or not to do, something. A nudge we sometimes ignore.

Women are especially tied to our intuition; it is a gift we can forget we have been given.

As we progress down the path of healing our fertility, it is important to listen to this quiet voice within. Often the way it whispers won’t make sense to us. However, still it calls us to step forward in the direction of its urging.

Over the last year my intuition has pushed me away from western doctors (even holistic ones), from ovulation predictor kits, even from fertility meditations–which I strongly believe in from the vantage point of the mind-body connection. These things just didn’t feel right.

Recently though, some door inside of me has swung open and I feel ready to travel down different avenues than I have been. You see these roads just felt (there is really no other way to describe it) wrong. I did not feel good when I thought of them, and I could not get myself motivated enough to even take a first step.

My body knew what it needed, and listening brought me healing to the tune of an over 40 point drop in my FSH.

Many other aspects in my life also healed over this past year: my relationship with my husband, my relationship with myself, and my fear of what becoming a mother would mean. All of these things needed healing, and the route to that healing was paved by my intuition.

The challenge, and opportunity, with intuition is that we cannot see where it is leading us. When we befriend our intuition it is with blind faith, and complete trust.

Yet when we take that leap, it will always, always, lead us to the pot of gold.

So today perhaps it is time to put on your swimming suit and jump into the well of your own inner knowing. Maybe, just maybe, it will lead you to healing that which you did not even realize was splintered, and to your child.


  1. You are so very, very wise. I truly hope that others who are suffering so greatly will be able to follow the pathway you have found to healing and wholeness in the very midst of the infertility struggle. I feel so sad when I see the pain of the empty cradle inside a woman’s heart grow bigger and bigger until it obliterates the possibility to experience any other joy or gratitude. This experience is not unique to women suffering with infertility. In different ways, we are all susceptible to the malignant growth of an unmet need to the point that it destroys our ability to feel present joy and contentment. A daily contemplative practice such as yoga, meditation, gratitude journaling, or prayer is powerful medicine to prevent such spiritual sickness.

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  3. Beautiful and well said. The work you do is so important and powerful. I hope more women find their way to you!


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