Healing Infertility Series: Step Seven, Stress – A Major Fertility Barrier

Each woman’s journey to healing fertility is unique. For every single one of us our imbalances are different. However, occasionally we share similar threads. Today’s post speaks to one of those possible threads–stress.

I have written many times about the devastating impact of stress on my fertility. I can literally show you where I was under tremendous stress by my BBT charting–it’s blatantly obvious.

In the world of fertility stress has been sort of a chicken or the egg debate. Stress can come from attempts to conceive, however regular good old fashioned life stress is
also usually ever present. This type of everday stress is something we may more easily be able to address.

According to a recently published study by researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, stress is the number one contributing factor to infertility. Results from
the study were presented on May 26, 2011 at the annual conference of the
European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology in Prague.

Bottom line, the study findings indicated a connection between stress hormones produced by our bodies and a significant reduction in ovulation and our chances of successful conception. Other clinical trials have shown the same imbalances in
hormones such as Cortisol (a stress related hormone), which hinders our ability to conceive.

Stress affects both women and men; however women with hectic jobs (and hectic lives) can be most at risk. My guess is that it would be hard to find a woman who does not have either or both.

Steps to Address Stress:

Reducing and avoiding stress as much as possible is step one. Take an honest inventory of your life and make a list of all the things that push and pull at you throughout your every day. Are there things you can cut back on, say no to, or step away from? If so, do it!

Persistent low-grade stress is the most harmful to us. Such stress will keep our hormones at a constant level of imbalance, which can become a “norm” state for our
bodies. This is obviously no good for conception!

Some Things to Try:

  1. Acupuncture gives an instant feeling of relaxation and the World Health Organization has stated that it is effective for treating stress. Personally, acupuncture was the one and only thing that help me from completely going over the edge.
  2. Create relaxation time. Allow yourself periods of time where you relax completely and calm your mind down. Using meditations, like those available through Circle + Bloom, can help you to “come down” from the effects of a stressful day. Empty your mind of things to do, let it go quiet and just drift. You can do this anywhere: in the bath, sitting down somewhere peaceful, lying in bed. For best results, make
    this a part of your everyday routine.
  3. Using talking as a therapy. Finding a safe place where you can relax and discuss some of the issues you are faced with in day to day life can also help. You can do this either by meeting up with some friends or with a professional. Discussing worries and fear, as well as ways to help cut back on things that create stress, along with a few good laughs, can do wonders.

Bottom line, reduce your stress in every way you can. Heal your fertility one stress reducing step at a time.

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