Fertility Tips for Conscious Conception

Today I want to share a few random tips on eating and supplements to aid your fertility. They are things I have learned on my journey and felt were worth passing along.

Enjoy and spread the word to other women!

  1. Omega 3 6 9 Plant Based Supplements—step away from the bottle. Here I thought I was being good by choosing something plant based and avoiding any chance of mercury in my fish oil. First, mercury stays in the fish and does not go into the oil–mercury, moot point. Second, in laymen terms (forgive me for that’s the only way I can understand it); Omega 6 and 9 are building blocks for Omega 3. When we get too much Omega 6 and 9 it can actually inhibit the uptake of Omega 3. We already get plenty of both 6 and 9 in our diets, so only supplement for Omega 3.
  2. Be cautious with your supplements, only a few are independently tested for
    For fish oil the best one to use is Nordic Naturals (and it has a nice lemon flavor too). A great brand for Chasteberry (see next point) or really any other supplement is Gaia. For a prenatal vitamin, give Rainbow Light brand a try.
  3. Chasteberry Vitex, talk to your herbalist or holistic doctor to see if it is right for you. Chasteberry is touted for its ability to regulate hormones. Note however that you must give the supplement time to work; I would say at least 3 – 6 months.
  4. Eat only non-gluten grains. Glutenous grains (e.g., bulgur, barley, couscous, rye, wheat) have been found to cause hormonal imbalances, for us that’s bad news. Stay away from them and opt for grains like quinoa (I LOVE red quinoa made with vegetable or chicken broth), rice (so many yummy kinds like arborio, jasmine, wild, brown, red, risotto-saffron risotto with shrimp and veggies is AMAZING etc.), buckwheat, millet, etc.
  5. Legumes–eat em, eat em, and then eat some more. Legumes help to regulate hormones. What are legumes? Check out the list below, there are lots of great legumes to experiment with. One great option with beans is to buy yourself a pressure cooker and Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure
    by Lorna Sass (note she also has pressure cooker books that are not vegetarian). At first the pressure cooker can be a little intimidating, however after a few uses you will see how easy it is, how good the meal turns out, and how much faster you can have a healthy dinner ready (especially with dry beans)! If cooking dried beans is not for you, I recommend Eden brand beans (you can find them at Whole Foods) because they do not include any salt.

List of Commonly Used Legumes

  • asparagus bean
    or snake bean
  • asparagus pea
  • baby lima bean
  • black bean
  • black turtle
  • Boston bean
  • Boston navy
  • broad bean
  • cannellini bean
  • chickpeas
  • chili bean
  • coco bean
  • cranberry bean
  • Egyptian bean
  • Egyptian white
    broad bean
  • English bean
  • fava bean
  • fava-coceira
  • field pea
  • French green
  • frijo bola roja
  • frijole negro
  • great Northern
  • green beans
  • green and
    yellow peas
  • kidney beans
  • lima bean
  • Madagascar bean
  • Mexican black
  • Mexican red
  • molasses face
  • mung bean
  • mung pea
  • mungo bean
  • navy bean
  • pea bean
  • Peruvian bean
  • pinto bean
  • red bean
  • red eye bean
  • red kidney bean
  • rice bean
  • runner bean
  • scarlet runner
  • small red bean
  • small white
  • soy bean or
  • wax bean
  • white kidney
  • white pea bean


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  2. […] Food: of course limit alcohol and caffeine. Also stay away from glutinous grains: http://infertilityawakening.com/2011/07/08/fertility-tips-for-conscious-conception/. Eat lots of legumes and try to eat only organic meat and dairy products–also as many organic […]

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