Infertility and Marriage: Remember to Water the Wilting Plant

Life has a way of taking a toll on things that will continue to exist from day to day, whether we fuss over them or not.

Those things, just like a plant left unattended in a sunny window for too long, will inevitably start to wilt.

Often we are too busy rushing in and out of the door, tackling one “to do” after another, looking to what lies ahead, and in so doing missing what is right there in front of us.

Sometimes we need force ourselves to stop, look over, and notice how the once perky and upturned leaves have lost their vibrant green color, and are drooping down to the floor–looking almost beaten.

With some shame I must admit that sometimes I notice that wilting plant before I even notice my wilting marriage.

Life is busy; this is the nature of the proverbial beast. For those of us focused on healing our bodies, and on the matrix of emotions, appointments, and hormone fluctuations that comes along with consciously conceiving, it can be even more distracting.

Sometimes we need to stop, turn off the ringer on the phone, lock the blackberry, iphone, ipad, laptop, cell phone, TV remote control, etc. in a room far away from us, and sit down next to our partners and just cuddle for awhile.

Watering a marriage is an important component in consciously conceiving. Marriages are the foundation of a family, make yours a strong one.

Take time today to write a short love note and stick it on the shelf in the refrigerator next to a surprise treat for your partner. Come down to dinner in your 4-inch heels (that have been stuck in the back of the closet for far too long). Really, and I mean really, pay attention when he is telling you a story. Look straight into his eyes and throw your head back laughing when he is trying his best to entertain you. Stop on your way home, get a fancy bottle of wine, grab your husband’s hand when you walk in the door, and go out for appetizers on the outdoor patio at your favorite BYOB.

Water your marriage and the green vibrant leaves will come to life again; when these roots run deep, so will the joy and abundance of your future family.

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