Fertility & Frolic: Play, Never Forget to Play

Sometimes it is the four-legged beings in my life who teach me the most about overcoming the seemingly impossible.

My first four-legged child, Sophie, teaches me every day what it is to walk through something so unfair, so hard, so out of line with the natural order.

You see Sophie was five-years-old when she started to go blind. A genetic flaw stole her sight away from her far too early.

I have written before about how Sophie saved this girl (me) from certain drowning. And now, many months later, she continues to save me in small ways, every day.

You see yesterday she played again. 🙂

Yesterday she sniffed her way to her toy box, something she has not done since 2010, and she found her favorite toy, a squeaky chicken.

She threw her toy up in the air over and over again, chomped on it until it squeaked as loud as it could squeak, and brought it over to me to play tug-of-war.

I must admit that I was a little teary-eyed as I pulled the chicken and flung her around, her tag wagging unceasingly. And I must admit that I was a proud mama when I threw the chicken for her to fetch and she listened attentively for my commands to direct her to find it–unable to see even a hint of its form.

So today I hope that Sophie can teach all of us something. I hope that her courage reminds us that no matter the boundaries of a body leashed to an illness so unfair, so unkind, and whose arrival was before it’s time, we can still find a smile and a will to recover our joy and play once again.

Sophie cannot see my hand before her face, she cannot see her chicken before she stumbles and falls over the top of it. Yet put simply, she no longer cares. What she cares about is the joy of hearing the squeak, the fun of feeling the tug-of-war ensue, and the challenge of finding the invisible by trusting the one who loves her most.

If Sophie can do it, so can we. Find your fun, jump into your joy, and never ever let the limitations of a body in misstep with the natural clock stop you from a full day of play.

You see healing starts one squeaky chicken at a time. So where’s yours? Perhaps it is time to fetch it!

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