What Tarzan can teach us About Fertility

“You Must Let go of One Vine Before You can Grab Another.”

Today I was reminded of this sage advice a friend once gave me. I had been holding on, as if for dear life, to a relationship I was terrified to lose. In the process my heart and spirit were taking a serious beating.

You see the more I clenched my fists, the tighter I held on, the more it hurt. I was holding so tightly to one vine, while trying to swing through the trees, that I had no free hand to grab the other dangling in front of me each time I swung out.

So, of course the inevitable happened, I swung backward and nailed the tree I was hanging from, over, and over, and over again.

Sometimes we need to let go of something we have a death grip on, afraid what would happen if we opened our hand and set it free.

Sure, there will be a free fall. There will be a time when it is as if we are suspended in mid-air with no ground under our feet and no hold to ensure we won’t plummet to earth.

Yet when we have the courage to let go and reach for what lies ahead of us, rather than behind, we grab hold of a new vine and swing into our future.

So while Tarzan can teach us many things about this jungle of a life, perhaps the most important lesson is a basic one.

We must let go of what is behind us before we can grab ahold of what is waiting on the other side of the clearing.

Take a risk, swing out, and let go. You may be surprised at the vista you find on the other side.

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  1. So very wise and a beautiful reminder to surrender and trust!

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