Infertility: Conscious Conception Requires Conscious Choices for Self Care

Every day is a new day, a new choice point. And every day we can make choices that support our healing, or choices that prolong our dis-ease.

This concept sounds so very simple and easy. However making choices that put us and our emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical health first is anything but easy.

You see in life not everything will be ok, but some things will. And though it can be easier to put that which will be ok on a shelf out of our reach, thus out of our control, this is simply not the case.

Every day we are faced with decisions about where we will expend our energy, whom we will support and in what way. We even make decisions about the food we put into our body, and the time we allow ourselves to lovingly and thoughtfully prepare it.

What makes these decision points so dicey is that often choosing ourselves and our health can feel like choosing to let down or hurt another person.

So today I share a simple quote from a friend that pretty much sums it all up for me.

‎”Taking care of me does not mean I am doing anything to you”

Healing our bodies, our minds, our emotions, and our fertility means we must learn to put our health first; and we must learn that taking care of ourselves does not mean that we are doing something to anyone else.

Sometimes we have to say “no” to a request to help a friend out who has helped us out many times before. Sometimes we have to turn down tickets to a fun event the whole family is attending. Sometimes we need to let the ringing phone go into voice mail because we are in the middle of our meditation. Sometimes, and quite honestly right now many times, we need to take care of ourselves first–and most importantly, let go of the guilt for doing so.

Taking care of ourselves is just that–focusing on our needs. When we make choices that support our healing and fertility, we take a proactive step toward impacting which things will be ok. We take steps toward consciously conceiving the dream of our future.

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