The Fertility of Dreaming: From Paris with Love

“Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible.”

― Claire Goldberg Moses

 I might be 36 years old; however I love me a good day dream! I also love to play a little game with my husband that I like to secretly call “From Paris with Love.”

During this game I think of every aspect of what our life will be like WHEN he gets an international rotation that lands us in Paris for two years.

I talk about the French cooking classes I will take, along with French language lessons. I talk about how I will spend my mornings writing, and my afternoons in Luxembourg Gardens or wandering through the Louvre.

 And I talk about how we will need to hire a nanny for when I take my classes, or need a few quiet hours to write. And of course, how that nanny will not be a hot French 20-year-old, but rather a nice grandma type (at this point he frowns).

I daydream out loud about how our daughter or son’s first words will be French, and how they will run through the apartment yelling “oui, oui” (wee, wee) because they think it is funny.

Usually my husband won’t play along with me, however he always listens and smiles–one day he will cave and join in.

There is fertility in dreaming. There is a tremendous strength in seeing our future in techno-color and in vivid detail. When we speak those details out loud, the colors become even bolder, even brighter. When we dream our dreams to life in words, our joy bubbles up stronger than ever, and our delight spills over onto the floor.

So today perhaps take some time to play your own game of “From Paris with Love.” Dream out loud those quiet dreams of your heart; spin the tale of your future masterpiece.

Mine is called “From Paris with Love” because one day I will be sending cards to those I love and they will be signed “From Paris with Love” from our family of three.

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