A Summary of Self-Healing: How I Lowered my FSH 40 Points and Reclaimed my Cycle

I have rewritten my blog page on the steps I have taken to heal my body. For those of you out there who have followed me, and therefore might not realize I have posted there, I am sharing this information on my main blog.

Two years ago I learned my FSH was 50 (a menopausal level).

In the course of a year my FSH dropped from 50 to 6.2.  

I know many may visit this page looking for “the” answer. Some may come here after a similar diagnosis, after feeling the ground literally disappear from beneath their feet, looking for me to provide them with the one key to their healing.
What I now know, two years later, is that our bodies are a miraculous matrix, a web so intricate even Charlotte couldn’t spin it. Because of this, your path to healing will be uniquely your own. What I share is my experience, and avenues for you to explore as you travel your own path to healing.
How do you find your way? Listen to your body, trust your intuition, and take care of each aspect of yourself (body, mind, and spirit). To conceive a healthy baby, you must become the healthiest version of yourself possible.
While I cannot give you a miracle cure, or a supplement that will bring your child to you with miraculous speed, I can share with you the steps I took along the way
My Suggestions:

1. Seek out an acupuncturist. I recommend an acupuncturist certified by the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. If there is not one in your town, call the closest ones and ask them for referrals to people in your area. Keep looking until you find one that feels right for you.

2. Find a doctor who is also certified by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. Same thing here, ask for references if there is not one in your area. Don’t give up until you find someone who will partner with you in your health.

3. Chasteberry (Vitex) has been linked to regulating ovulation. The key however is that you need to give it at least six months to work–this is pretty standard with all supplements. I know that can feel like forever when you want a family now, however it may be the key to finding a healthy balance for your body.

4. Food: of course limit alcohol and caffeine. Also stay away from glutinous grains. Eat lots of legumes and try to eat only organic meat and dairy products–also as many organic fruits and veggies as you can (especially the Dirty Dozen). The hormones in foods, and pesticides on food, will affect your hormone balance. Some other information on foods: CLICK and CLICK and CLICK

5. Address the health issues that come with your diagnosis (e.g. PCOS–increased risk of ovarian cancer, increased risk of diabetes, higher cholesterol, etc.). Keep searching until you find a doctor who will address these underlying health risks.

6. Make sure your doctor tests things like your cortisol, DHEA, thyroid, etc. A good doctor will do this. Truly focusing on your overall health, and addressing the underlying issue, is what will get you pregnant the fastest (with or without fertility support from drugs or IVF/IUI–it helps in all ways to conceive). Those underlying issues are what are causing the challenges with conception. A body will fight against conception when it knows there is dis-ease within it.

7. Vitamin D is essential to getting pregnant so definitely make sure yours is between 60-80.

8. Stress: I don’t care what you’ve read, it affects health. Not necessarily the stress from TTC, just the everyday stress. If you have a stressful job and life, address that first and foremost. Make sure you are taking time to sleep well, meditate (if you that fits for you), exercise, and play. Addressing extreme and prolonged stress was the key to my healing! Addressing stress for me meant lifestyle changes, dietary changes, supplements, relationship healing, and much, much more.

9. Husbands are 50% of the equation and can absolutely stop us from getting pregnant. Thus, no matter how healthy we get we still might not become pregnant. The supplements men may want to take are: Vitamin C-500 mg, Vitamin E-400 mg, and Selenium 200 mcg. Men may also want to consider acupuncture.

10. Heal your relationship. If there are underlying tensions, unexpressed anger, resentments long held, any negative accumulation of emotion between you and your partner, work through them now. Emotions ARE a part of our bodies. Those emotions can literally make us sick, and prevent us from conceiving, and READ MORE, and FURTHER INFORMATION.

11. Pay attention to these 31 things and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

I know from my experience that healing our bodies is possible, yet most doctors will not focus on that–getting pregnant with a healthy baby means getting a healthy body first and foremost. After two years of searching, and listening to my intuition, for me in the end it has come down to first healing my body to the best of my ability, and then healing my heart.

There is a key for each of us. Of course it is different for everyone, which is what makes this a challenge. Yet if we keep searching, keep listening to what our gut tells us, we will find that key.

And though this piece of advice may sting, each of us must also learn to release our attachment to the “how,” while still holding onto the deep knowing that we will mother a child. For some motherhood will come through their own womb, yet for others it will come to them on the wings of their heart’s creation. Both are miraculous, both are beautiful, and both are incredible blessings.

After several years of crazy cycles, all of varying lengths, some months without ovulation, hot flashes, and the illusive 28-day cycle something I only vaguely remembered, my body began healing. This healing did not however usher forward the cycles of my 20-year-old self. The core of my dis-ease was something that could not be completely healed, and which required me to move on to acceptance. This path is where my feet journey now–to the child growing in my heart, whom I love no less than the one that still may one day grow from my body.
Take very good care of you and be the best advocate for yourself that you can be! I wish you tremendous healing and a deep knowing that every single day you are one day closer to motherhood.

Healing Fertility Series: Step One, Chart Your Own Path, be Your Own Heroine

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