Who Wants to be a Millionare? If I had a Dollar for every time I Googled “Pregnancy Symptoms”

OK, come on, admit it, I’m not the only one out there who could fund a future college tuition by earning a dollar for every Google search I ran for “pregnancy symptoms,” or “rise in BBT after ovulation,” or “how soon does nausea start in pregnancy?”


The two weeks following ovulation can move along as though the tortoise in the race with the rabbit. Why can’t for once, just for once, time jump on the rabbit’s back?

So there we sit at our computer, searching every possible connection to pregnancy that comes with a twinge here, or a sore breast there. We sit, and type, and cha ching, cha ching, our tally toward becoming a millionaire continues.

So today, a toast to the 2ww and our contribution to the Google search term index for all things pregnancy related!

And if anyone ever doubted the power of visualization and of our minds, all they need to do is spend some time with women in the 2ww. I am quite positive we can literally manifest many of those Google search term symptoms in our attempt to encourage the tortoise on to the finish line.

Now please pardon me. I need to get back to examining my breasts to see if they are any sorer than they were ten minutes ago.

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