The Pregnant Pause: Falling into a rut of uninspired monotony

The Pregnant Pause: A pause that gives the impression that it will be followed by something significant.

When trying to conceive becomes an effort that spans years of our lives, one inevitable consequence may be a trip into the uninspired rut of everyday living.

It can be as though all this beauty, and life, and vibrant colors lie just on the other side of our black and white perception, yet all we can do is glance the sparkle through cloudy glasses.

Living in the pregnant pause before motherhood can be a bit like living in Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. Every day repeats, again, and again, and again with no hope in sight for when the vantage point will change.

So we do the best we can to live in this pregnant pause. Most days we can seize hold of the rainbow that finds its way into our sight, and we can make magical music with the melody of our freedom.

Yet there will be days when we stumble into a rut of uninspired monotony. On those days, perhaps we need to allow ourselves to simply be there. Don’t think too much about it, don’t assign any deep meaning to it, just allow space for the monotony. And perhaps, go and take a nap.

Then, before you know it, the colors will return. I promise.


  1. Cameron Paneiko · · Reply

    That was beautifully said, and exactly how I feel. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. You are most welcome, and thank you for sharing where you are at as well. Sometimes we all need a reminder that we are not alone, and that our feelings are “normal” when going through this difficult road to motherhood. All the best to you on your journey.

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