The Fertility of Touch

As human being we are made to be touched, our very nature draws us toward physical connection. Studies have shown the importance of physical touch for infants–prompting hospitals to now use skin-to-skin contact as a vital aspect of premature infant care. Research has also found that touch can decrease pain, lower stress, and ease anxiety.

When facing challenges with fertility, and when going through month after month of attempts at conceiving, and sex dictated by a calendar and temperature chart, non-sexual physical touch can become a distant memory. Thus just when we need its healing potential the most, it is often nowhere to be found.

When non-sexual touch disappears, fissures in relationships begin like fault lines. Touch solely associated with “baby-making” sex, sex that is often not focused on intimacy and pleasure for both partners, can leave resentment in its wake.

When these cracks in the foundation of a marriage emerge, it may be time to press the “pause” button and to refocus on the health of the marriage.

In addition, making an appointment for a massage can be a good way to alleviate current unmet needs for physical touch in a healthy and restorative way. Experiencing this type of prolonged contact has been shown to reduce the activity of the hypothalamic area of the brain, which decreases stress hormones and increases endorphins.

So today perhaps carve out some time to touch and be touched–whether with your partner, indulging in a massage, or even curling up on the couch with a four-legged companion. Take time to enjoy the healing power of human contact.

Importance of Touch in Relationships
Posted by Noreen Ruth,

Our first impression of other people comes through our sense of sight, sound and smell. Our sense of touch, on the other hand, is something we hunger for and one of the best ways of communicating our feelings to others. Touch provides comfort and reassurance.

From the moment we are born we crave touch. It is the beginning of how we build self-esteem and a way to increase intimacy. In a romantic relationship, we go through stages of touch that play an important part in the increasing intimacy of the relationship.

There is a great deal of research on the importance of touch in healthy relationships. Studies have shown that by simply holding hands or rubbing someone’s back, you can lower stress levels, lessen anxiety and physical other disorders. There are noticeable changes in mood and even health when we’re exposed to simple human kindness in the form of touch.

The Health Benefits of Physical Touch

For the patients of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, the treatment usually recommended is that relating to drugs. But a study done recently, shows that the behavioral symptoms of dementia, like restlessness, impatience, irritability, intolerance, wandering for things of the past, waking up and walking in the middle of night, all can be reduced with the help of touch therapy. The study also showed that such results could be obtained without doing intensive therapy. They provided it for 5-7 minutes, for 3 days, twice daily.

Just Touch Me
Les and Leslie Parrott

Physical touch is critical to building romance and intimacy in your marriage. And we don’t just mean touch as it relates to sexual play. We are talking about a tender touch while your partner is doing almost any ordinary task. A gentle squeeze on your wife’s shoulder as she is preparing a meal or a soft rub on your husband’s back as he is reading a book can communicate loving messages in ways our words never could. There is simply no more eloquent way to say “You are not alone,” “I appreciate you,” “I’m sorry,” or “I love you” than through touch.

The Importance of Physical Touch in Marriage
by E. E. Kane
Physical Touch is Healthy

The benefits of physical touch have been extensively studied in the world of science and health. Findings show that therapeutic touch is successful in managing fibromyalgia, and reduces symptoms in Alzheimer patients. Skin-to-skin contact between babies and mothers is so beneficial to the baby’s health that it is now a common hospital practice for premature babies.

The importance of physical touch in marriage may also play a medicinal role, since touch has been shown to reduce stress and relieve pain. A healthy relationship, which includes physical contact between a husband and wife, can be the most bonding, emotionally intimate experience in life.

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