Fertility & Defeat: Sometimes Life is Like a Boxer and we Need to Punch Back

I do not think that there is a single person out there who has not been punched in the face by life. I mean a good, jaw breaking, bone crashing, and squarely landed punch.

When we are knocked to the mat, or even temporarily knocked out cold, we have two options. We can lie there, give in, and give up. Or we can stumble back up to our feet, put our hands in front of our face, and step back into the ring.

Consciously conceiving means being willing to take blow, after blow, after blow. These can come so quickly one right after the other, month after month, BFN after BFN, that we can fall to our knees and truly contemplate never getting back up.

However this is the way of life. Life tests us to see just how far we will go, just how strong our reserves are, and just how deeply we truly want the Welterweight World Champion title. The tougher your competitor, the closer you know you are to the prize.

So when life comes at you with a one-two punch that leaves you breathless, never forget that there are people in your corner. And never forget that you are stronger than you feel when taking the walloping, and your courage runs deeper than you ever imagined when pressed to its limits. Leave the tears for another time and find your angry and determined fighter within.

For sometimes life is like a boxer and we need to put on our big girl gloves and punch back. Defeat is not an option. Stumble to your feet and start the boxer rebellion until you hear the bell ring and the title is yours.

You have everything it takes within you to finish this fight. Don’t ever, never, not in a million years, let anyone tell you otherwise. Those who try to are simply attempting to saddle you with their own self-pity and self-imposed walls.

Now get up, wipe your tears away, find your strength in determination, and punch back!

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