Acupuncture Helps: With or Without Needling

I am convinced acupunture and herbs can provide tremendous healing benefits, and am living proof of it. And now it seems you can find success even if you fear needles!

Acupuncture Helps: With or Without Needling
by Dr. Hui Kang

Previous studies have been published that show the benefits of Acupuncture toward providing relief for cancer patients. That Acupuncture can help a person suffering from nausea following radiation treatments has also been documented. In these tests, Acupuncture with needling was demonstrated to be more beneficial than sham Acupuncture or other medical means of treatment.
Acupuncture Helps: With or Without Needling
Now a new test recently completed in Europe has provided some additional beneficial results about the effectiveness of Acupuncture techniques. In this case where cancer patients suffering from nausea were the subjects, persons who received full needling Acupuncture and those who received a pressure treatment without needle penetration equally benefited from the procedure.

The Acupuncture study was conducted at the Department of Medicine and Health Sciences at Linköping University and the Vårdal Institute in Sweden. The study involved a group of people who were receiving traditional medical treatment for nausea following radiation treatment. An additional 215 people suffering from the same symptoms were divided by lot into two groups that would receive different types of Acupuncture treatment.

The first group of 109 persons received their Acupuncture treatment in the traditional fashion. Needles were inserted in their abdomen or pelvic region and twisted until a certain “needle sensation” was accomplished. The second group of 106 persons received their Acupuncture via a telescopic, blunt needle that merely touched the skin in the area but did not penetrate. Each group received treatment two or three times per week through their 5-week period of radiation.

The surprising result of this study was that patients in both Acupuncture groups were equally helped. Of the persons in both groups, 95 percent reported that Acupuncture had helped to relieve their nausea. In addition, 67 percent in both groups experienced other positive benefits like improved sleep, less pain and a brighter mood. At the same time, only 25 percent of those persons treated with traditional medical procedures for nausea reported any relief.

Acupuncture has over 5,000 years of history still in the making of helping people through a system that does not use drugs and causes little or no discomfort to the person receiving it. And as Acupuncture continues to head toward the mainstream in western society, much more is going to be learned about how it brings its benefits to recipients. One conclusion of the study group included the fact that the Acupuncture groups received much more care and understanding during their treatment and that proved to be very beneficial.

More study will need to be done to bring even more of the benefits of Acupuncture to the masses. “Now it is essential to continue to study what parts of the procedure surrounding Acupuncture reduce nausea and vomiting in order to be able to make use of this in care during radiation treatment,” said study author Anna Enblom.

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