Fertility Deal – Save 60%

I began doing the Circle + Bloom Fertility Meditations for a natural cycle about a month ago and I absolutely love them. I look forward to the end of every day where I can lay down, put my headphones on, get rid of the stress of the day, and calm my mind/body down by visualizing exactly what is happening in my body on that cycle day. I am sleeping better than I have in years (not an exaggeration).
Here is a discount for another program. I am not familiar with this one, however it is a great discount so I thought I would pass it along.
Your Fertility Deals

60% Off Circle+Bloom’s Happy Mind+Healthy Body Program

To say the least, trying to conceive can be a very painful journey. It can make you feel out of control, depressed, stressed, the list goes on…..It is a time where it is important to take care of yourself, but sometimes that is the last thing that happens, especially when the BFNs just keep coming! The Happy Mind + Healthy Body program is an easy way to take some time to focus on you.Circle+Bloom’s Happy Mind+Healthy Body Program is a 21-day program that taps into the power of your mind-body intelligence to empower better health, reduce stress, and create new wellness habits that will change your life forever.

Ever wonder why you seem to get sick when you are over-tired? Ever wonder how you could use the Placebo effect to your advantage? Why you can’t stick to your New Years resolutions for healthy change? Or even how to effectively reduce stress so you can sleep better, reduce the times when you feel down or depressed, and improve your levels of energy?

One person who used the program said, “I’ve tried journaling for my depression, going to counseling for my depression, listening to uplifting music for my depression, and changing my diet for my depression, but this is the first time that it’s only taken two days for something to make me feel better. It was awesome.”

Get started today and receive 60% OFF and pay only $9.60 (regular price is $24) at Circle+Bloom by entering coupon HappyMind at checkout.

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