How Emotions Affect Fertility

Do Emotions Really Play A Role In Fertility Treatment?

By, Gabriela Ros

We may think the body controls its own processes and solely determines its
destiny and how we feel on an ongoing basis. However, this is only partly true.
It is in fact the mind (our brain) and the outward thoughts we manufacture,
which end up creating the feelings that in turn manifest into concrete results
we see in our day to day.

Fertility is no exception — it also is controlled by this very mechanism.
Sure, our physical aspects, genetics and environment have a role to play, but
when we think about it… the fact is that our beliefs create our thoughts, which
reinforce our feelings and emotions, which lead us to make our choices.
Sometimes seemingly insignificant choices such as lifestyle choices about what
food we will eat, how much exercise we choose to partake in, whether we will use
recreational substances or even continue to smoke and binge drink.

The problem is that seemingly insignificant choices made minute by minute,
hour by hour, day by day accumulate into years of potential damage in the body,
which in susceptible individuals may lead to reproductive damage. In addition to
‘physical damage’ brought about by lifestyle choices and environmental aspects
there is another type, which we often don’t perceive as being something we have
control over—and this relates to our harboured emotions, fears, traumas,
repetitive thought patterns and the like.

What concerns us can grow in our minds to be greatly magnified according to
our own existing reality (or perception) an it can indeed have a negative impact on the way our bodies function as a result, even leading to what is known as psychogenic or psychosomatic infertility. Simply put, it means caused by the mind. A lot of attention is currently being drawn to this field of research because it is finally being recognized that our thoughts and emotions can in fact dramatically influence fertility.

The good news is you can heal your body and naturally boost your fertility to create the baby of your dreams. In my practice this is what I help couples struggling with fertility problems do every day, and my patients’ babies are proof that my approach works. It’s a comprehensive, step by step approach that gets real results.

Here are some ways to emotionally create a more fertile environment for you and your partner:

  • Seek the assistance of practitioner that will take a holistic approach in keeping you accountable to optimizing your health and healing your fertility;
  • Begin taking positive steps to optimize your natural fertility and you will begin thinking differently about yourself and your circumstances;
  • Forgive yourself for whatever you “had to be persecuted” for in the past — learn how to be kind to yourself, change your self-talk;
  • Resolve your relationship differences with your parents, husband, siblings—understand they did the best they could with what they knew at the time—free yourself for the sake of your life and fertility (it’s surprising how many people contribute to their own fertility problems as a result of keeping stuck here);
  • Let go of stress, fear and anxiety;
  • Learn and practice daily meditation;
  • Get a puppy — it will bring a lot of fun and join into your life and will direct your focus away from ‘lack’;
  • Start thinking of how much you already have to be grateful for;
  • Join a support group — research suggests this improves fertility outcomes.

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