Take “infertility” out of your vocabulary: We don’t allow no stinkin’ thinkin’ around here!

The younger years of my life were spent in Montana. As such, as you may likely imagine, there were many long road trips going from one place to the next (for example, driving from Great Falls to Laurel to visit my grandparents).

My childhood memory is FULL of one distinct thing on each and every one of those trips—a tape that had a song that said “we don’t allow no stinkin’ thinkin’ around here.” Seriously, I’m not kidding, I could sing it out loud to each and every one of you right now. It’s seared into my memory.

Of course my sister and I never hesitated to make fun of my Dad (said tape’s owner and repetitive player) for forcing us to listen to the darn thing every single time we took a road trip. It was torture!

However, here I sit, 36 years old, and when I want to quit, when I feel I am not equipped for the task at hand, what song pops into my head? Yep, you guessed it, “we don’t allow no stinkin’ thinkin’ around here!”

So Dad, you were right, it worked. My life will forever be a stinkin’ thinkin’ free zone–or at least plagued by the theme song.

While annoying, the message from that tape is one perhaps we all need to hear.

The label of “INFERTILITY” is an awful one. I hate that I even need to have the word anywhere on my blog, yet it is the one those of us on the road to conscious conception know like no other. It is the word we search out, Google search after Google search. It is the one we tattoo on our psyche as the prime example of stinkin’ thinkin’.

Maybe it is time to remove that awful label, to ban the word that limits our reality, and to annihilate that stinkin’ thinkin’ so that we can get on with having everything we want in life and more.

You see, if I have learned one thing on this arduous road to motherhood, and to doctor of philosophy-hood (PhD), it is that all stinkin’ thinkin’ gets us is a front row seat to the garbage can.

Those things in life that are worth the most, that we value the greatest, that we hold the closest, and that take us to the most supreme heights, don’t come easily. They come through failures, through blood, sweat, tears, and repeated disappointments. They come from rejection after rejection, from criticism after criticism, from failure after failure. They come from complete dedication and total persistence.

Maybe today is a day to join the “I don’t stink,” <click to visit the site> yes it is still out there and has a mailing list :-), movement. Get rid of that label, cast aside the stinkin’ thinkin.’ Know that when the climb is the steepest, when the obstacles are the greatest, that is nothing more than life testing you to see if you are really ready for the brilliance that awaits on the other side.

Maybe it is time to proclaim “WE DON’T ALLOW NO STINKIN’ THINKIN’ AROUND HERE!”

P.S. Thanks Pops. I love you, and your stinkin’ thinkin’ tape.

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