What’s a fertility challenged girl to do when surrounded by pregnant women?

A friend shared this with me–a woman in her support circle had written it to another woman in the group. I smiled when I read it and now pass it along, on the wings of a post, for anyone out there who may need it.

Thank you to the anonymous writer who reminds us all of the need for a little levity on fertility road.

“I’ve been trying to come up with an action plan for you. Things to do to deal with the ridiculous amount of breeding going on in your office:

1. Plan a fabulous vacation that people with babies could never do (e.g: “we are trekking the Himalayas! “)

2. Take to wearing a crop top to show off your stomach free of stretch marks.

3. Send an anonymous company wide email: “as a courtesy to our non-breeding employees please refrain from all conversations about babies in the office. They are making people gag. Also please cover up your pregnancy bellies. They do not make you look lush, they just make you look fat.”

4. Chat about all the fun activities that you do that the soon to be or new mothers can’t: “I’ve taken up burlesque dancing, Russian trapeze and rock climbing! And that’s just my weeknight activities!”

5. Or if any of that is just too exhausting explore options of working from home. “

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