The Fertility of Self Empowerment

“You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling,
so don’t.
You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.”

Today I share an article that reminds us of the power we hold to frame how we see the world, or how we limit the picture frame that holds our life.

We cannot always change the circumstances we find ourselves faced with, however we can change the stories we tell ourselves about those circumstances, as well as how we face them.

How to Radically Empower Yourself Now
Written by Jafree Ozwald

Always respond to life from a place of trust, gentleness and never out of fear. No matter what happens in this world, remember one thing. You are always sculpting your experience with the thoughts you are choosing to focus on. Just like an artist sculpts a masterpiece out of a chunk of stone, you are forming the world around you with how you define what you see, feel and experience. The thoughts you are choosing to entertain and focus on are molding your reality each moment of your life. You simply needto be aware of what you are spending your time focusing on. Are you thinking
about what you want, or what you don’t want? When you become acutely aware of where you are directing your attention, you can instantly shape shift your entire life in an empowered new direction.

You were born with the innate ability to focus your mind in any direction you choose. You can decide to focus your thoughts onto thoughts that give you strength, trust and courage just by pure choice alone. This simple choice will empower, improve and expand your experience of life. You need to use your mind, instead of be used by it. This means that you are in charge of how you’re feeling right now! It may seem impossible to feel strong when all you see is lack, challenge and struggle around you, yet to hold your mind in the most positive direction you can imagine. If you cannot see anything, then simply imagine the gold warm sunshine is touching your heart and caressing your face. Empowerment all comes down to how peaceful you are within. I invite you to do some inner work on yourself right now, and ask yourself these questions below. Don’t go onto the next one until you find an answer that feels good and right for you…

What thoughts do I need to let go of to trust that Life is unfolding perfectly as it is?

What do I most need to say NO to so that I can say YES to feeling empowered now?

When I’m truly empowered, what does that sensation feel like in my body?

How will my life look different after I am empowered…what will I see shift in my world?

I suggest that you write out the answers to these questions and email them to yourself so that you can hold yourself accountable. This will help give you strength inside and also give you direction in your life. If you want to transform your life you must first be responsible for where you feel weak and powerless. You must know what you need to let go of in order to make room for feeling powerful again. Spend as much time on this exercise, as if your entire life depended on it! When you’re clear about what you want, life gets a whole lot easier. This may be the most life changing exercise of your life.

You can create anything, as long as you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get there. If you’re half committed, you’ll simply get half hearted results. You must make it urgent that you are not going to live in fear another moment and stuck in some fabricated reality in your mind that is not even true! Think of the sailboat to empowerment paradise is about to leave the harbor in the next 30 minutes, and if you’re not ready to get on
it, organized, packed, prepared to JUMP on that ship, you will simply be left on the dock struggling with your same life circumstances. You cannot be a procrastinator if you want to become empowered. The time is now to strengthen and ignite your true Self. Below are 3 steps you can take to become more empowered in your life.

“Do what you have to do resolutely, with all your heart. The traveler who hesitates only raises dust on the road.”

1. Let Go of Judging, Criticizing and Blaming Yourself and Others – This is perhaps the greatest energy leaks that human beings have. By judging others, and finding fault with them (or yourself) you are wasting your energy. Everyone is on their own path and are taken care of by God. It’s vital that you own and use all the energy you have for love, gratitude, connection and joy. Don’t be hard on yourself, just notice where you are critical of yourself and others, and choose instead to forgive. We all need deep love and
support at this time, more than you know. Compassion is one of the highest responses you can have. It will ALWAYS bring out your most empowered self. Each time you radiate acceptance instead of judgment, you bring out the best in yourself and the world.

2. Take Inspired Actions Everyday – Every time you take actions from an inspired spontaneous space, your heart expands and you send out a super positive energy into the world. Adversely, every inspired action which you don’t take makes it difficult to feel more alive and empowered. If an artist hesitates to paint something he or she is inspired to paint, there is a feeling of being lost, lacking creativity, and feeling less
confident. To create your life as a masterpiece you must never ever hold back when you are deeply inspired to do something. Never! Make this your golden rule. By consistently taking inspired actions you’ll create a tremendous energy, inspiration and joy all around you. You always have the choice whether you do what your body and mind are here to do, or not. You can actively create the world you want to live in or just be a dreamer of it. The choice is yours to wake up to a world tomorrow morning that makes you smile, laugh and open your heart with joy to the divine being you truly are.

3. Embrace What You Cannot Face – The reason anyone feels disempowered is because they are avoiding looking at or FEELING something in their life. They are caught in judgment that there is no good within the bad, no yin within the yang. Each life experience ALWAYS contains both if you are open to seeing both sides of the coin. What are you still avoiding? Whatever it is, be it a certain person, a conversation or
financial burden, the gift is in divine through it. You are missing a great opportunity to grow by not embracing the totality of your being. Everything inside of you is there for a reason. All memories are there to awaken you to something deeper you’re not seeing about you. When you can observe that which you don’t want to look at with eyes of acceptance, that thing literally transforms within you instantly. When you shed light into the darkness you see that there was never anything to fear. The moment that you can be with that which you cannot be with, you step into a much bigger YOU and instantly feel empowered and unstoppable in your life again.

“Contemplation often makes life miserable. We should act more, think less, and stop watching ourselves live.”
~Nicolas de Chamfort

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