Dancing in the Hurricane: Finding Fun in the Eye of the Fertility Storm

Those following me may have noticed that I did not post yesterday–uncommon for me as I usually post every day.

Well, these last few months have been difficult ones for me. I have felt a bit like the frog stuck in the mud of a swamp covered over in a canopy of trees. Where the heck did the light go?

A few days ago we also had to cancel our one and only vacation of the year. A trip to Maine amidst Hurricane Irene likely was not the best idea. Alas, the monotony continues on.

I would love to say something brilliant, to find the up to the down, the rainbow to the storm clouds, however I’m at a loss for words. Life just feels as though it’s on autopilot with the funometer at zero.

So, in an effort to learn better how to dance in the hurricane, I plan to participate in the below free offering from Mama Gena.

I hope those of you out there seeking to reclaim your “juice,” even while hopping along in the bog, will join me.

And for those here with me along the east coast, take good care, and be safe!

Mama Gena
Having Fun No Matter What:
Live with Mama Gena and Dr. Anne Davin!
From the Comfort of Your Own Home

September 1, 2011 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EDT


Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp is right around the corner, and this is your opportunity to preview the party!   

On Thursday, September 1st, from 12:00PM to 1:00PM, you'll get me and my co-sergeant, Dr. Anne Davin, live for one hour, as we take you on a guided tour of one of my  favorite Womanly Arts: Having Fun No Matter What.   

Think fun is frivolous? Well, yes! But it is also quite serious--we are talking about the flavor of your every day, the texture of your very life. Fun is the essential ingredient that allows all your desires to come rushing toward you at warp speed. And if you can have fun no matter what, the world becomes your  playground. 

Children are brilliant at having fun no matter what. But as we get older, we forget to practice this crucial skill set. I am here to tell you that having fun is not something that just happens to you. It is a teachable, trainable skill. Being thrilled with the moment and celebrating unabashedly each and every day is your birthright--and Dr. Anne Davin and I are going to teach you how, in a format more in-depth than ever before! PLUS, we will be answering YOUR questions live on how to have fun in every area of your life, come rain or shine. If you've  got a pleasure emergency operation for us, bring it on!

Can't make the call, but still want the scoop? Register for the call below and I'll send you the recording!

Register Now!
I can’t make it
With so much love and pleasure,      Mama Gena 

P.S. This call is completely free and open to all, whether you're a brand new student or a seasoned Sister Goddess, we wanna talk to you!

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