Free Teleseminar: Navigating Your Fertility Maze

FYI for anyone who may be interested in participating.

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Today is the day of the F*R*E*E potentially life changing teleseminar, How To
Navigate Your Fertility Maze.
you be joining us?

Do you feel like your  journey towards parenthood is just like navigating a maze?   As you take each turn, you hope that this path will lead to your dream of a baby, and you’re disappointed when it takes you to another dead end.

The secret to solving a maze is to take other turnings and not to give up until your reach your end goal.  But when your particular maze includes all the obstacles and challenges that infertility brings, how can you navigate it successfully?

Today at 4pm Pacific / 7pm
Eastern / 12 midnight UK time (yes I’m a night owl!) I am very excited to be joining forces with my friend and colleague Mindy Berkson to bring you a potentially life changing teleseminar, ‘How To Navigate Your Fertility Maze’.

Mindy is an infertility consultant with extensive knowledge of the varied fertility treatment options available.  Combined with my expertise in supporting you emotionally and helping you find the clarity of mind to successfully navigate your fertility maze, this teleseminar promises to be fertility dynamite!

To register your F*R*E*E place click here now:


Sign up
now and you’ll also receive your copy of the ‘Navigating Your Fertility
Journey’ ebook
co-authored by Mindy and myself.  It’s the perfect companion
to the teleseminar!

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