Fertility & Stress (the Social Pollutant of the Immune System)

The below health tip got me to thinking. If stress can literally weaken the lifetime immune system of an unborn baby, just what exactly is it doing to our bodies ability to conceive that baby?

Health Tip from Dr Marilyn Glenville’s Health Digest ‘Natural News for Women

Stress linked to asthma and allergies in children

Women who are stressed in pregnancy are more likely to have babies who suffer from asthma and allergies (according to a study from Harvard Medical School in Boston and presented at the American Thoracic Society International Conference in Toronto).  Researchers found that unborn babies exposed to stress before birth have increased tendencies to react to allergy triggers such as dust mites.  It is thought that the developing immune system of unborn babies can be changed by maternal stress, probably through stress hormones, like cortical.  The results of the study held true regardless of a mother’s race, class, education or smoking history.  This research supports the notion that stress can be thought of as a kind of social pollutant that can influence the immune system.

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