The Fertility Frenzy: Taking Time for a Time-Out

When is the last time you stepped away from it all, the last time that you blew your whistle and signaled for a time-out?

Consciously conceiving can become all consuming. At times the best thing we can do is to take a few days, a few weeks, a few months, off to nurture ourselves and to bring our bodies back from the brink.

Taking time for a time-out can be scary. What if this was the month I was going to succeed? What if my last good egg pops out when I’m not on guard? What if my husband does not want to continue onward once we have stopped for a break?

What is important to remember is that all these questions and thoughts come from a place of fear. These thoughts are not the voice of reason; they are the voice of doubt.

Rather than tucking your whistle back into your pocket and sheepishly turning back toward the bench. Today I encourage you to blow that whistle as loud as you can, signal for your time-out, and give yourself a little break in the shade of a big oak tree.

Today take time for a time-out. Take time to care for your body, mind, and spirit making each more receptive to the new life you are on the brink of beginning.

Note: Taking a page from my own advice, I will not be posting blogs for the next seven days. Instead, I will be taking a vacation from work, from writing my dissertation, from the computer, and from the need to “do.” For seven days I will simply be. I hope you too will take this time to love and nurture yourself the way you so very much deserve!

Now, off to a night of cruising, dinner and dancing!



  1. Katherine Moya · · Reply

    Great advice!!! Enjoy your vacation!!!

  2. Thank you so very much Katherine! Just one night of a slinky dress, 4 inch heels, dancing for hours, and a few glasses of wine and I feel more like myself than I have in ages. Best to you!

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