Driving Through the Changing Seasons of Infertility

I love the fall; I love every single thing about it. I love the first chilly night, the first fire of the season, the smell of the air, the vibrant colors of the trees, and the soft sound of the world slowing down.

Every fall I look forward to one section of my drive into work. This few miles stretch of road is covered on both sides by towering beautiful trees. I know when fall arrives when they greet me with oranges and red in place of their summer green leaves. Today I savored my first glimpse of the colorful rainbow that is to come.

Not unlike the four seasons of the year, conscious conception passes through seasons as well.

Women consciously conceiving move from the shock and surprise of a frigid winter, into the possibilities of new life spring may bring. And when our springs turn into summers, we face the heat and discomfort of the longest days of the year with the harshest sun beating down on our backs. It is however also these summer months that usher in the greatest harvest. And finally, as summer fades into fall we tumble into acceptance, ease, soothing breezes and warm nights by the fire. When we reach our fall we find peace.

We will each move through these seasons, some much quicker than others, yet all passing through the cycle of conception. Sometimes we may be tempted to stay longer in the spring than Mother Nature wants us to linger. When we do, we can feel a shove forward by life’s circumstances.

Acknowledging and allowing these seasons to follow, one after another, will ease the transitions between seasons. Mother Nature has a will of her own, it is she who directs the seasons, and it is she who will guide us safely to the fall.

And when we arrive, the colors will take our breath away—over and over again.

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