The Conscious Conception Checklist

The thing about conscious conceiving is that it is well, very conscious.

Often in the blissful progression of “let’s have a baby,” couples move mindlessly from the fun of trying, to the excitement of conceiving, to the shock and satisfaction of parenthood.

When the cycle does not progress quite that smoothly, couples can be left with years of contemplation on just what it means to be a parent, and just how many things they want to have in place in their lives for a future family. The pursuant checklist grows longer and longer as the years pass.

This fact struck me profoundly this morning over Sunday breakfast with my husband. I found myself wondering whether it is a blessing or a curse, this time of conscious conception contemplation.

As we talked about the outstanding “big” projects we still need to finish on our home, the financial drain each presents and our corresponding need to tighten up the budget, just how long it will take for me to finish my PhD, and the need for a breather once that is finally complete, I wondered if there was even any space left in there for a baby.

All the factors that aren’t factored in when couples quickly and easily conceive, we must tackle head on with all the months and years of effort, and the life changes that happen along the way.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder, is there such a thing as too conscious when it comes to conception?

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