An Ode to Aunt Flo: An Infertile Girl’s Closest Friend

Today I would like to write an ode to dear Aunt Flo. I know, odd for someone who is struggling to conceive. I mean, aren’t we supposed to dread her visits?

Aunt Flo really gets a bad rap. Yes, when she arrives it does mean that our arduous attempt to conceive that month has failed us. However, perhaps what we also need to remember is that Aunt Flo visits to assure us that we can try again, to remind us that our bodies have a rhythm and that they are working to get back into sync with it.

Perhaps we need to be a bit nicer to Aunt Flo. Her arrival is sometimes brought on unnaturally by drugs–making her a bit cranky–and every day before and after is counted as much grander than her knock at the door.

Personally I took Aunt Flo for granted for thirty some years. She was always prompt, always consistent in her visit, and I knew I could count on her no matter what.

Then, Aunt Flo was sieged by terrorists. She stopped coming when she was expected, dropped in without calling at inopportune times, sometimes visited for weeks on end, and then other times stubbornly stayed away–pouting I suppose.

So today, I would like to thank Aunt Flo for the part she plays in the healthy conception of a child. Yes, each time she visits she has no other choice than to be the bearer of bad news. However, each time she visits she also comes to tell us that there is still a chance, that we can try again, and that our bodies have not completely stopped working–they are still trying very hard to do the thing they were built to do.

Thanks Aunt Flow, and sorry I’ve been so cross with you every visit. Please come back again soon.

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