Infertility: Where do you hide your hurt?

Last night I had dinner with a dear friend I have known for over a decade. We sat and chatted about many superficial things, and then the conversation descended a little deeper into the “stuff” of life. For a few brief moments I saw where she hid her hurt.

Being with her reminded me that we all have a secret hurt we hide away. We all have a place in us that feels broken, and that we refuse to let out into the light.

Those of us facing fertility challenges may more quickly identify our hiding place–easier to find when playing a game of hide and seek. Because of this, sometimes we forget others are guarding their own.

Infertility is our mountain, and yes it is a big one. Yet if we look to our left and to our right we will see other mountains, and other climbers struggling to get to the top, holding tightly to the crevices along the way.

Everyone has a hurt they have hidden away in a dark cavern of their mountain. Sometimes we need to look away from our own long enough to provide a foothold for our fellow climbers. Because sometimes, in a frenzy to bury theirs away, they have made a home in that dark cave, refusing to continue on to the top.

Perhaps we need to start asking, where do you hide your hurt? And then stop long enough to truly listen.

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