Fertility & Supplements: How do I Choose the Best Ones?

I don’t know about you, however I have found myself more than once lost in aisle upon aisle of supplements and vitamins trying to figure out which are the best to buy.

Today I pass along a few suggestions from my integrative OBGYN.

  1. Bottom line with all supplements and vitamins–make sure you only buy brands that are externally tested for quality. Because vitamins and supplements are not regulated, without external verification you have no way of knowing for certain just exactly what is in your vitamin/supplement.
  2. Look for liquid, powder, or capsule forms. When a supplement is made into a pill binders are added, those binders make digestion of the supplement more difficult and aren’t always very good for you.
  3. Some brands to stick with: Thorne (Vitamin D, Vitamin C), Rainbow Light (Prenatal), Gaia (variety of herbs), Nordic Naturals (Omega-3).
  4. Buying vitamins and supplements online will be less expensive than going to the store. I personally like iHerb (free 1-3 day shipping with orders over $40: http://www.iherb.com/

Happy supplement shopping!

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